Alexander Tower-Francisco Gutierrez murders still a mystery, cops say (31-32)

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The day after Christmas, those who loved and cared about 37-year-old Alexander Tower got terrible news: Tower, seen here, and another man, Francisco Gutierrez, age 39, were found dead in the former's Denver home. They'd both been shot to death.

Shortly after the victims were ID'd, the Denver Police Department issued a crime alert asking for anyone with information about this double homicide to reach out. But a DPD spokesman says that thus far, there have been no breaks in the case. Get the latest below.

At about 3 p.m. on December 26, according to the first DPD advisory on the case, officers responded to a home at 1969 Trenton Street.

The initial report was burglary, but the cops soon discovered something far worse -- the bodies of Tower and Gutierrez.

A look at police response to the homicides, courtesy of 9News.
The Denver coroner's office later revealed that Tower had died of a gunshot wound to the head, while Gutierrez was felled by multiple gunshot wounds.

Early on, the DPD described the incident as "an isolated case" -- phraseology intended to reassure the public that there wasn't a random killer on the loose. Meanwhile, a friend who spoke with 9News said Tower was the sort of trusting person who would bring anyone home with him.

The department subsequently revealed that Tower and Gutierrez were last seen together at a thus-far unidentified downtown Denver nightclub on December 22.

Another 9News image from near the crime scene.
Investigators were hoping to hear from anyone who'd seen them on that evening or in the span between then and the afternoon of the 26th. But nearly two weeks later, DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson says, "Thus far, we've had no luck.

"We're still looking for information," he adds. "We know these two individuals were out at a club, and we're hoping someone who knows them, knows their activities, will get in touch with us. But it's still a very open investigation."

Continue for more about the murders of Alexander Tower and Francisco Gutierrez, including more photos, a video and an interactive graphic.

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Why did the author choose to use the word thus so many times? He must of just added it to his vocabulary and was stoked to use it....

Amanda Caudill
Amanda Caudill

Considering there are apartments with 400 units directly across the street from the house, you think the cops might have questioned residents.

Jonathan Paul Wilson
Jonathan Paul Wilson

That's because they're way too busy giving law-abiding citizens speeding tickets. They don't have time for real crime

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