Video: Hater cartoon predicts Peyton Manning, Broncos will choke in Super Bowl

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Video below.
Denver's big win over the Patriots on hasn't convinced doubters of the Broncos or Peyton Manning that the team will triumph in this year's Super Bowl, as shown by what's literally a hater video, since it was posted by someone who goes by the name Seth Hater. In the animated clip, a bartender who looks suspiciously like Tom Brady implies to a Denver-loving customer that the Broncos cheated to beat the Pats and Manning's hot streak will freeze in the New York/New Jersey cold. Sample statement: "I love watching Manning choke and Broncos fans cry." Feel the hate below.

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Brian Hedrick
Brian Hedrick

Did anyone notice that Amedola did the same thing to Cromartie earlier that took him out for a couple of plays?

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

How exactly does the bartender look "suspiciously like Tom Brady?"

Mark Leiby
Mark Leiby

If it was funny I'd laugh, but this is some dumb $hit...

Caleb Janski
Caleb Janski

We are going to kick Seattle's ass just like we did Boston. As for this video, it's a piece of shit.

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