Top ten Broncos quotes from Super Bowl media day

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Super Bowl media day is an opportunity for journalists of the world to make fools of themselves trying to get famous athletes to make fools of themselves -- and as always, there were successes and failures on both sides. But what were the Broncos' most memorable quotes?

We picked the ten most memorable, including Peyton Manning on his favorite real housewives, Demaryius Thomas on his grandma watching him from jail and Wes Welker on that giant helmet he's been wearing lately. Count them down below.

Quotes culled from coverage by from coverage by Comcast Sportsnet,, the Asbury Park Press and the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
Number 10: Eric Decker on Jessie James, traditional wife
Decker: "To come home to warm, loving woman is always comforting; to have food on the table as well. I can't really cook, so, that's a big thing as well."

Number 9: Peyton Manning resists the urge to tell a reporter he's an idiot

When asked if he prefers Real Housewives of New York or Real Housewives of New Jersey, Manning said, "I have not had a chance to see either show."

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Violeta Luz
Violeta Luz

What's up with his hand in her pregnant croch.

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