Cannabis time capsule, 1917: Marijuana is made illegal in Colorado

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Judging from the national and international media circus surrounding the legalized sale of cannabis over the last few days, one would figure that the same would have been true for the moment when pot became illegal back in the day. Specifically, back in March of 1917, when Colorado outlawed the plant -- years before the federal government and most other states did so.

But that wasn't the case at all.

In fact, it wasn't even front-page news in most of the papers around Colorado. You'd have to dig deep to even find mention of it. Which, of course, we got stoned and did.

Not only was the story buried on the seventh page of the Oak Creek Times out of Oak Creek in Routt County, but cannabis only got a brief mention as "Indian hemp" -- and not even in a full sentence:

The bill made the use and cultivation of cannabis a misdemeanor; those who broke the law were subject to a fine of between $10 and $100 and up to a month in jail. By 1929, the sale, possession and distribution of marijuana was made a felony. The federal government didn't criminalize pot until 1937.

Oh, how times have changed (for the better).

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter should be officially called "Westweed."

Better yet, it should be at

Nicholas Richter
Nicholas Richter

Wow, one comment and Stuart beat me to it. Well played, Stuart.

Steven W Giles
Steven W Giles

Colorado was one of the first states to decriminalize marijuana in the 70's. Colorado has been hip for a long time just afraid to say it.

Eric Smiles
Eric Smiles

Hipster Colorado. Making Pot illegal before the feds.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 2014 and Marijuana Cultivation is STILL a Felony

Hey Lyin' Brian Vicente, are these some of the "1,400 arrests" you falsely claimed would be prevented every year by that worthless turd A64 ?? 

Or is this the "marijuana tourism" revenue that Jabba the Tvert has promissed?

Kiowa sheriff's office raids marijuana growing operation ***

POSTED:   01/04/2014

Two people were arrested Saturday morning after the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office discovered an estimated 1,200 marijuana plants while executing a search warrant at a home in Haswell.

"This is a very sophisticated operation," said Sheriff Forrest Frazee. "Plants are lined up in various stages of growth, with the largest being about 3 feet tall. None were in bloom yet."

He said that the two people, who are not believed to be Colorado residents, are thought to have lived at the location for about two months. Their names and a full list of charges have not yet been released.

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