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Talk about a Mile High-plus example of Broncos pride: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has temporarily renamed all the 14ers in the state after Denver players. The numbers work out well: The standard NFL roster boasts 53 players -- and the number of Colorado 14ers just happens to be 53. That means even lesser known Broncos (including linebacker Brandon Marshall -- not the receiver of the same name traded in 2010) are getting a peak experience. Check out Hick's proclamation and the complete list, supplemented by videos.

Hick showing his Broncos pride in a photo shared on Facebook by Denver mayor Michael Hancock.
Here's the full text of the 14ers proclamation:
WHEREAS, the State of Colorado is confident that the Denver Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII; and

WHEREAS, the Denver Broncos gave Coloradans a lot to be proud of this season, including becoming the first team in NFL history to score more than 600 points in a single season and winning the AFC Championship; and

WHEREAS, Seattle makes some, well, OK beer; and

WHEREAS, the Seahawks have a 12th man, whatever, while the Denver Broncos have the greatest fans -- men, women and children -- in pro sports; and

WHEREAS, we are proud of the majestic mountains in Colorado, which is home to 53 14ers - the same number of players on the Denver Broncos' active roster; and

WHEREAS, Peyton Manning bears a symbolic resemblance to Mount Elbert, the tallest 14er in Colorado, because he stands tall as an extraordinary leader of the Broncos; and

WHEREAS, Matt Prater kicks the football long - an NFL record 64 yards long - and could be compared to Longs Peak; and

WHEREAS, the Broncos offensive line stands together, like our Collegiate Peaks, rooted into the earth and preventing anyone from getting to Peyton Manning; and

WHEREAS, there are many other connections between other 14ers and players as referenced below;

Therefore, I, John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby hurry up and proclaim Sunday, February 2, 2014, DENVER BRONCOS-MANIA DAY.
And here are the renamed peaks:

Mount Elbert 14,443 feet

Peyton Manning: Bears a symbolic resemblance to Mount Elbert, the tallest fourteener in Colorado, because he stands tall as an extraordinary leader of the Broncos.

Mount Massive 14,421 feet

Terrance Knighton: A.k.a. Pot Roast.

Mount Harvard 14,420 feet

Zane Beadles: He, along with others on the offensive line, are as formidable as the line of Collegiate Peaks.

Blanca Peak 14,345 feet

Mitch Unrein: He blocks and tackles.

La Plata Peak 14,336 feet

Jacob Tamme: Just as this is an impressive peak among the Collegiate Peaks, this tight end is an impressive addition to the offense.

Uncompahgre Peak 14,309 feet

Steven Johnson: His defense is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Crestone Peak 14,294 feet

Steve Vallos: Like this peak, which is surrounded by other looming fourteeners, this center is the rock of an impressive offensive line.

Mount Lincoln 14,286 feet

Winston Justice: His name itself, and his humanitarian work in Uganda and Haiti, reflect the name of this majestic peak.

Grays Peak 14,270 feet

Eric Decker: Grays and Torreys are right next to each other, just like Decker and Demaryius Thomas.

Mount Antero 14,269 feet

Malik Jackson: This defensive end watches everyone's back.

Continue to see more of the Colorado 14ers temporarily renamed for Broncos players -- and ex-Bronco Brandon Marshall.

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Brandi Murphy
Brandi Murphy

if you're gonna do Decker, may as well bang out DT while you're there

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