Video: The Daily Show rips Brosurance...and Hosurance
Video below.
The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative's Adam Fox has kept us up to date on pro-Obamacare ads aimed at young, uninsured people -- a campaign doubters have alternately derided as "brosurance" and "hosurance" due images of dudes doing keg stands and a babe eager to take advantage of free birth control. The latest to weigh in? The Daily Show, a presumably more sympathetic forum. And yet, correspondent Aasif Mandvi's take down is at least as critical as the ones that preceded it -- but a lot funnier. See Fox, Mandvi and a whole lotta bros and hos below.

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More from our Follow That Story archive circa November 2013: "Hey, Girl: Is birth-control insurance pitch featuring Ryan Gosling pics 'hosurance'?"

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

as often as I witness endless repetitive butthurt replies from Lamebook DWEEBS who never stop complaining

Zach Bugg
Zach Bugg

Did you see Denver Westword's endless repeat articles yet?

Keith A. Badje
Keith A. Badje

Those ads were and are terrible. Who the hell focus grouped them before releasing them to the public?

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