Does design of new Denny's make it look "local"?

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Our Cafe Society blog shares photos by our Brandon Marshall from the new Denny's in Englewood -- a design that's said to be "locally inspired." Click to get a peek.

Big Media's Jason Salzman interviews Michael Booth about his departure from the Denver Post.

South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels on why Bill Romanowski is now dead to the Mile High City. Hope he doesn't spit on us.

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Julie Barrickman
Julie Barrickman

Why on earth would we want that shit slinging hater establishment to be "local"? Colorado does breweries :)

Scott Raile
Scott Raile

I ate at a Denny's in Tokyo...."local" isn't going to happen.

Erich Dye
Erich Dye

Denny's is local(as any national chain can be?!?!)...right down to it's racist polices. :)

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