Video: Eric Decker's ready for the Super Bowl -- and an AXE Hair transformation

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Video below.
Between winning the AFC Championship and preparing for a baby, Eric Decker took some time to star in a humorous new video promoting AXE Hair gel leading up to the Super Bowl.

In the clip, on view below, he proclaims that he "wasn't always the specimen you see before you." We are then taken back to the days of his childhood, when he was rocking an ill-fated, mom-given haircut, which for him resulted in a very cute but unstylish mullet.

This shot is followed by a few more pictures of Decker as a teen, with hair that he describes as being "spit-washed by an elephant."

Thumbnail image for decker.jpg
Eric before AXE.
The commercial is a fun look into Decker's past. While his comedic timing leaves a little to be desired, he is funny and charming overall.

My personal favorite line, delivered with deadpan silliness, is when he says that "Moms don't want you to look cool, because looking cool means wearing no underwear" -- which is a great point.

Decker is clearly in on the joke about his looks and smarts (or lack thereof), and it's nice to see his sense of humor. It's debatable whether he started playing football "just so he could wear a helmet," but whatever the reason, I am looking forward to seeing him and his great hair on and off the field this Super Bowl weekend. Watch the clip and let us know what you think!

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You know this is called "STALKING"

You might as well get over Eric Decker cause he's not leaving his HOT wife ...

For some droopy-butt ,,,sagging Milk sacks like you ...

Its not going to happen ....Give up...These stories about Decker are only interesting when you post photos of his Hot wife

You are desperate Erin  ...Maybe you should try Plenty Of Fish or

We all know what is does to your pants every time old Eric walks on the field     .......a tsunami


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