Marijuana bought with food stamps? New bill aims to prevent claims in joke news story

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In recent weeks, we've posted about several satirical Colorado marijuana sales stories that some are taking seriously, including one that claimed pot overdoses killed 37 people and another about Representative Michele Bachmann supposedly driving stoned that prompted an official denial from Fort Collins.

A piece about folks buying weed with food stamps is a joke, too. But there is now actual legislation intended to ban this nonexistent practice.

Last week, the National Report, an Onion-wannabe, published a salvo headlined, "Colorado Pot Shop Accepting Food Stamps -- Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients." Here's a screen capture from the offering:
The article states that a shop called Rite Greens "has taken the steps needed to accept food stamps (now called EBT cards) for the purposes of purchasing marijuana, effectively leading to taxpayer funded marijuana for welfare recipients" -- and it even links to a bogus website for the dispensary featuring graphics about the EBT offer and a made-up weed-for-guns program we mentioned in a post last week.

It would take the average person about a microsecond to figure out that none of this is real: For one thing, Rite Greens' phone number has a 206 area code. But as Colorado Pols has done an amusing job documenting, the Douglas County Republican Party tweeted about this supposedly shocking tale anyhow -- and hasn't deleted the message yet even after it was ridiculed by CP. Here's the note:

By the way, the link in the tweet connects to a conservative website that appears to have been suckered, too -- not the National Report.

Then, a couple of days later, the DougCO Republicans tweeted on the topic again -- this time noting that a bill had been filed at the Colorado legislature to "ban food stamps at pot shops."


Continue for more about the new food stamp-related legislation, including the complete bill.

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