Marijuana: Georgia lawmaker wants to legalize Colorado CBD in his state

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CBD-rich oil from KindLove.
A Georgia state representative introduced a bill earlier today that would legalize CBD-rich medical cannabis oil for children suffering from severe seizure disorders, including epilepsy. But the state won't allow for cultivation of pot. Instead, Representative Allen Peake suggests connecting patients with needed medicine by importing medical cannabis oil from Colorado.

That might prove to be a problem, as the plan is something that neither Colorado nor federal law currently permits.

Peake's bill would revive a decades-old Georgia law allowing local doctors to apply with the state to conduct medical marijuana studies for glaucoma and cancer, adding seizures to that list. Recommending physicians would have to be from one of five university-based medical centers in the state; private doctors would not be allowed to recommend medical cannabis.

The cannabis oil would not be produced in Georgia, however. Instead, Peake's bill calls for either importing it from Colorado or applying to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for rarely granted access to federally grown cannabis from Mississippi.

Allen Peake.
Colorado medical marijuana laws currently don't allow for reciprocation with patients from other states. In fact, Colorado officials say that outright transfer of large amounts of oil to another state's medical marijuana program would require major changes in state Department of Public Health and Environment and Marijuana Enforcement Division rules. And that would require legislative action from Colorado lawmakers, according to MED spokeswoman Julie Postlethwait. But even then, transferring cannabis over state lines remains a federal crime -- and Georgia would be blatantly violating federal law if it went through with what is proposed in the bill.

Peake isn't the first out-of-state lawmaker to float medical-pot proposals involving Colorado. Utah state representative Gage Froerer has been kicking around a similar plan. He believes the low THC levels in high-CBD oil could qualify it as a hemp product, which would be completely legal to transport across state lines. New Jersey lawmakers also proposed a bill earlier this session that would have allowed New Jersey patients to purchase cannabis in Colorado and other medical states and bring it back to New Jersey legally.

The interest in Colorado cannabis isn't just domestic. Last year, Copenhagen officials considered legalizing recreational marijuana in Denmark's capital and sourcing their ganja from Colorado and Washington. Unfortunately for the Danes, current state and federal laws in this country would prevent that from happening.

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jose257 topcommenter

Two marijuana prohibitionists want to use their special political influence to carve out a special provision for their child while saying to h*** with everyone else.  This wreaks of Georgia politics and special interest groups.

Samuel Walter
Samuel Walter

Joe, the CBD products produced by Dixie are made in China from hemp paste, not marijuana, and do not provide the benefits of CBD derived from medicinal marijuana.

Mike Duran
Mike Duran

And that's why stories like the Figi's/Realm of Caring/The Stanley Brothers are so dangerous...a lot of folks are putting a lot of false hope into something that is bound for failure.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "But even then, transferring cannabis over state lines remains a federal crime -- and Georgia would be blatantly violating federal law if it went through with what is proposed in the bill."

... as Colorado blatantly violates Federal law.


And yet you can still go buy it...explain that


And yet people can buy heroin and cocaine in every city in the U.S. ...explain that.


Openly ship pot interstate and see what happens.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@FreeTheWeed Yeah, the difference is in what local law enforcement (aka, pretty much all most people will ever see) does about it.

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