Reader: Marijuana overdose deaths are about as believable as baby-eating Japs

A post focusing on satirical articles about Colorado recreational marijuana sales that some readers are taking seriously generated loads of reactions -- some funny, some angry, some a combination of the two.

But this one couldn't help catching our eye.

Connor Dunlop writes:

I've cussed more people out for talking about "Baby Eating Japs!" than I would care to count. And seeing as people will readily believe that "Japanese people eat babies" just because of one dipshit's fake video, this doesn't surprise me at all haha.

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Aksel Aldric Barnes
Aksel Aldric Barnes

Well for one you don't have to smoke it, you can easily injest it without any of the negative carcinogenics from smoking. That doesn't even get into vaporizing, which is inhaling vapor, the danger level there is about as high as putting your face into a humidifier. But, all of that aside, I believe what he meant, was that it is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, not imply that it is entirely harmless.

Kevin Crowe
Kevin Crowe

It is a joke. That's why it's "satirical." It's funny that people get so worked up about weed. It's less harmless than cigarettes and alcohol.

Sher Quintana
Sher Quintana

Maybe your to nieve or that there isnt much shock value left with people..? Or that your sense of humor is sarcastic and dry..people belive anything that feeds there fears and ideas of something..being a journalist is a powerful have a huge RESPONSABILITY!!!! USE IT WISELY AND DONT ABUSE IT!! This subject its not a joke!

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