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Big photos below.
Numbers updated below: As of January 1, when recreational marijuana sales officially began, the City of Denver had licensed eighteen shops. But far more than that are in the pipeline, and city staffers have been working diligently to process them. The result: Fifteen more stores have been licensed by the city in the last three weeks, bringing the city's total to 33. Check out all of them here, listed in the order of licensing. Included are photos, plus links and excerpts from those critiqued by Westword marijuana reviewer William Breathes. Count them down below.

Number 33:

Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM)

2394 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

An excerpt from William Breathes's September 2012 review: "For years, Colorado Alternative Medicine has been known as the place to pick up some of the state's best-grown meds. By December 2010, when I first visited the tiny South Broadway duplex, even growers were known to shop there between harvests. And based on my latest visit, little has changed."

Number 32:
Photo by Wax Jones
Trimmers at Pink House's grow facility.
Pink House Mile High

2008 North Federal Boulevard
Denver, CO 80211

An excerpt from Wax Jones's July 2013 post "Marijuana trimming isn't just an illegal trade anymore:" "When you first walk in to Megatron, the nickname for Pink House's grow facility, the beautiful scent of sativas and indicas can be a bit overwhelming. There are hundreds of small plants perched beneath flourescent lights throughout the hallways and thousands of plants spread out between four different rooms. Every day, the grow house goes through the same repetitive schedule: shuffle hundreds of plants from vegetative rooms to flowering rooms, water and fertilize plants, prune and check flowering rooms, harvest what is ready and send things to the trimmers."

Number 31:

Walking Raven

2001 Sout Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

An excerpt from William Breathes's November 2011 review: "Walking Raven has the distinction of being the first place I reviewed for Westword. After my last visit, I wrote that "Walking Raven feels like that hippie [sic] kid's hangout in high school." Now, two years later, the place feels like that high-school hippy has moved on and is now in his first post-dorm house at a pot-friendly liberal arts college in Vermont."

Continue to count down all 33 of the recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver so far.

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KathleenChippi topcommenter

I can't wait to do the math to show how corrupt it all is.....not that anyone will ever be held accountable at this HIGH level of corruption.

How do less than 40 store fronts statewide who grew LIMITED amounts of pot for patients (no more than 20,000 patients, 500 per) have enough REGULATED pot NOT stolen from the patients to supply 2.5-3 million customers or 150 TIMES the # of customers? 

BOYCOTT the 'regulated' (lol) Marijuana Mafia!!!   

40 people who 'legalized for themselves--not the rest of us 5 million, stole (state sanctioned theft) the patients meds! (10 million worth so far?) and then tripled and quadrupled the prices. 

Sweet Sally
Sweet Sally

Caregivers For Life located at 310 Saint Paul has passed their hearing. We will be open for retail marijuana and red card holders by Feb 14.

Jeff Yates
Jeff Yates

How long will it take to get everyone high at once in Colorado.

Natahlia Lovee
Natahlia Lovee

Should change your name to "Weedword" Lauren Connable Burdick credit

DonkeyHotay topcommenter






... have already been coined.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@KathleenChippi "but no one has been arrested even with the federal raids on the 17? 'suspected' Colombian connections, one being Gratefulmeds."

Grand Juries often take 12 - 24 months to issue indictments, whether they be Federal or State grand juries. Those raids were classic "evidence gathering" tools to bolster said indictments.

What kind of amateurs bring or involve 8 (eight) people in a simple 70lb pot deal? 

And how foolish -- greedy -- were they to think anyone other than the cops would pay $3000+ / lb locally for said quantity?

KathleenChippi topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay@KathleenChippino I was in town when it went down....was told the DEA visited me that day as they were leaving and since I am who I am, I gave a 30 minute lecture when they came in asking for me to sell them marijuana--told them the world MEDIA and the 64 SCAMpaign had LIED.  Pot was NOT LEGAL AND SURELY SALES WERE STILL ILLEGAL.  But FREE pot was okay--they got gifted a shitily rolled joint each that was gifted to me 3 years ago--lol --I even told them a thank you would not be legal (no remuneration).  Me and 4 locals had a great infomercial on how FUCKED the laws have become--the forcing of massive industrial greed grows by the state setting people up for issues with the feds from boutique gardens...extortion fee's by the state..

They heard all about the oligopoly, the shaft of the patients, my three lawsuits being me if you even came in my shop...and the guy who called himself a professor of computers bought 2 hats made by me for his wife and kid. 

They promised more Ned busts that we haven't heard about since---but no one has been arrested even with the federal raids on the 17? 'suspected' Colombian connections, one being Gratefulmeds.  They seized everything there but told them they could open later in the day if they could restock?  

I hear today that Mark Rose, former Gratefulmeds owner, was interviewed by the media today on if he knew who he was selling to?  so maybe something is about to come of that. 

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