"Marijuana prohibition was a failed experiment," says Mason Tvert at 3D Cannabis

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Toni Fox and Mason Tvert.
Despite the snow, the holiday and the long lines, 3D Cannabis Center was abuzz with excitement yesterday morning with the start of recreational marijuana sales. Attempting to navigate both the media's hungry demand for more information on this historic event and the public's hungry demand for their first purchase of state government-approved marijuana, 3D hosted a press conference at 7:30 a.m. with those behind the A-64 campaign, followed by a strobe-light frenzy of camera flashes for what was presented as "the first sale in Colorado."

"A lot of folks have been referring to what's happening in Colorado as an 'experiment with legalized marijuana'" Marijuana Policy Project's Mason Tvert said early New Year's morning, speaking before a crowded room of reporters from around the globe. "But in fact the experiment was marijuana prohibition, and that experiment dramatically failed. Colorado has developed a far more sensible approach, and in doing so we're setting an example for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world. Lawmakers and voters around this country are watching what's happening here, and are interested in taking similar actions and adopting similar laws."

"In Colorado, we expect over 400 million dollars in sales next year," said Betty Aldworth, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, told the crowd. "Across the nation the marijuana industry will create $2.34 billion of economic activity. We'll be creating thousands of jobs and generating millions of dollars in tax revenue, all in regulated stores like this one. Today in Colorado we shift marijuana from the underground and into a regulated market, where we can provide advances for our community and create a stronger Colorado."

Brandon Marshall
Toni Fox making the first sale at 3D.
Sensible Colorado's Brian Vicente announced that the day's first purchaser of recreational marijuana would be a local veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Sean Azzariti, highlighting the need for Colorado's MMJ regulators to include PTSD in their list of qualifying ailments,

As with many dispensaries, the sales floor at 3D isn't large, so only photographers were allowed in the room for Azzariti's groundbreaking purchase. (For the record, he bought an eighth of Bubba Kush and an edible truffle.) Meanwhile, outside in the lobby, reporters from Vice, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera and the German Press Agency, to name only a few, busied themselves with gobbling up as many interviews as possible, turning every Colorado pothead and political junkie into a pundit for the day.

Taking a moment to catch up with Tvert, we asked the A-64 co-director whether the marijuana black market could survive in spite of legalization, considering the significantly higher prices at the stores -- often twice the price of street-weed. "The black market is virtually at its last gasp, at least in Colorado," he said. "No one would ever consider calling around to their friends or walking down the street looking for some illegal alcohol just because it might be cheaper; they just stop at the store."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Hey Lyin' Brian Vicente, are these some of the "1,400 arrests" you falsely claimed would be prevented every year by that worthless turd A64 ?? 

Or is this the "marijuana tourism" revenue that Jabba the Tvert has promissed?

               *** Kiowa sheriff's office raids marijuana growing operation ***

POSTED:   01/04/2014

Two people were arrested Saturday morning after the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office discovered an estimated 1,200 marijuana plants while executing a search warrant at a home in Haswell.

"This is a very sophisticated operation," said Sheriff Forrest Frazee. "Plants are lined up in various stages of growth, with the largest being about 3 feet tall. None were in bloom yet."

He said that the two people, who are not believed to be Colorado residents, are thought to have lived at the location for about two months. Their names and a full list of charges have not yet been released.

KathleenChippi topcommenter

I have always said, cannabis is an herb so it should be treated and taxed as an herb...I've had my ass raked over the coals and called a crazy bitch for protesting this entire (CO and worldwide) highjacking of what legalization is when it comes to the Tree of Life.

Who thinks opening a handful of 'special' storefronts with 3 days worth of inventory can miraculously accomplish what full on prohibition failed to do in 77 years, stop the unregulated cultivation, distribution and sales of one of the most widely used herbs in the world that can be grown from seed or cutting? 

Prohibition = constraint.  Until the constraints are removed, prohibition lives on and so does the unregulated market.....because the majority of the 5 million residents of Colorado were excluded from the current 'master plan' the government, 'drug reform' groups (they play, you don't)  MPP/DPA/ASA/NCIA/SSDP/NORML, the lobbyists and the media are calling legalization.  How is the "end of prohibition" here when only 100? people out of 5 million can lawfully grow to sell cannabis? 

They might MARKET "like alcohol" to the world but you can only hold ownership in ONE liquor license...yeah that's how alcohol prohibition ended -- pretty much ANYONE could apply and one license per person to prevent monopolies from taking over.  Then the FREE MARKET dictated who survived and what sold....

I filed the ONLY complaint on the A64 SCAMpaign for lying to the public on the "like alcohol" mantra because that is all it was was a lie-I have Steve Fox (MPP), Lying Brian Vicente (A64, sensible?) and Mason Tvert (A64, safer) recorded at SSDP CU Dec 2010 convention admitting they came to CO in 2006 with one intent--pass recreational/tax and regulate like alcohol on the back of medical marijuana.  "medical was the stepping stone".

'They' (MPP/DPA/Soros) had planned all along to use the medical marijuana model they created in HB10-1284 in early 2010.  And that language was backed/pushed (after CASH payoffs witnessed by activists) by Democrats who promised to close down 80% of all the then successful, state and local licensed, tax paying dispensaries owned by Constitutionally protected caregivers--I would guess they numbered over 1,000. 

They discarded the word dispensary (because that was constitutionally protected) and they replaced it with the "Center"- no constitutional protection for a "center".  And IF you wanted to be a business (Center) you were NOT permitted to be a constitutionally protected caregiver.....and you paid heavy protection/extortion fee's and signed your power of attorney over to the CO Dept of Revenue and the IRS!  Every then successful ma and pa, every true caregiver, every human with a soul was cut out in 2010...

.....and now the only 'businesses' left standing are 'at peace' with 'state authorized' "one time conversion" (theft) of patients medicine to their 'new' retail businesses inventory--that is part of a monopoly- what we have is -the state (bought by the industry lobbyists) authorized millions?/hundreds of thousands? of dollars worth of cannabis to be stolen from patients, the state pre taxed (excise tax) the stolen cannabis and then it sold for 2, 3 and 4 times the MMJ retail prices on Dec 30, 2013 with a 40-50% additional tax --and now in 3 days the monopoly's 'legal'/regulated/taxed pot is gone...patients be damned, your medicine went home with some loser from NM who drove 8 hours to go on facial recognition video cameras linked directly to local and NSA law enforcement to buy pot and pay 40-50% tax that goes directly to the new fleet of Colorado POT COPS.

Where is the sanity or ratiocination in both Seattle and Denver voting pot as lowest priority for law enforcement years ago, to voting for "legalizing and ending prohibition" last year then equate that to needing 60-80 million a year to regulate the SAFEST THERAPEUTIC SUBSTANCE known to man more stringently than plutonium?  

The yearly budget for (DEADLY) liquor enforcement/licensing is 1.2 million, with 12 employee's and 14,000 plus licenses issued.  The yearly budget for the CBI for all violent crime, murder rape, etc is 12 million.  And the state auditor said the DoR blew over 10 million on licensing only 300 MMJ stores in 3 years and that is part of the reason she gave them an F as in FAILED as she pointed out they FAILED to enforce any one of their Orwellian rules in 3 years (Sure looks like the protection/extortion licensing fee's bought those who could afford it and those who have lost their souls what they wanted... no enforcement)....

How could lowest priority/legalization/ending prohibition of cannabis cost 60-80 million to regulate?  How come only a handful of people in a state of 5 million get to own a cannabis business? 

How and why do "we the people", the gardeners of the prohibited herb for the last 77 years, allow the government and 1%er's and their prostitutes (lobbyists) to commercialize and bastardize the Tree of Life, the Peoples Plant? 

Jack Herer is turning in his grave as the stores sell cannabis in his namesake with Orwellian taxes.   I remember Jack reminding people, that cannabis prohibition has brought such negativity and  caused such societal harm, that we the people could never be compensated fairly for damages by our government, so not having a tax would be the appropriate resolve.....but whatever happened to fair or just? 

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

Thank God the prohibition experiment is over!

Kevin Crowe
Kevin Crowe

Yes and put harmless people in prison for a long time. For a plant. No man made chemicals involved.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Colorado License Plates = the Mark of Cain-abbis on US Highways

Wyoming State Patrol warning: Don't cross state border with weed

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but the neighbors to the north sent out a reminder Thursday: "Do not bring your Colorado purchased marijuana into Wyoming."

The Wyoming Highway Patrol put out a media release saying troopers have "no plans to increase patrols on highways near the state line to look for those transporting marijuana...from Colorado," but the drug remains illegal in Wyoming and violators will be prosecuted.

"It will be business as usual for the troopers who always are on alert for any criminal activity," the highway patrol said.

The release warned against driving stoned, which is also against the law in Colorado.

In addition, the highway patrol reminded, possession of drug paraphernalia is a violation of Wyoming law.

--- funny, Wyoming has been flooding Colorado and other states with ILLEGAL FIREWORKS for years.

Sauce, Goose, Dick Cheney!

Robert Goose Guzmán
Robert Goose Guzmán

I think he can typically present things with deception, but in this instance, I agree with this tenet. Cheers

Rebecca Ruhter
Rebecca Ruhter

Yes, take a look at what they are doing in South America with legalization.


"We asked the fat turd whether the marijuana black market could survive in spite of legalization, considering the significantly higher prices at the stores -- often twice the price of street-weed. "The black market is virtually at its last gasp, at least in Colorado," he said. "No one would ever consider calling around to their friends or walking down the street looking for some illegal alcohol just because it might be cheaper; they just stop at the store."

This obese tool really is dumber than a pile of pig excrement. 100% of the recreational tokers who were getting high all these years already have a connection - an untaxed personal connection who will easily remain in business now that the greedy dispensary pigs have doubled and tripled their prices.

The black markets for alcohol and tobacco in the USA are BILLIONS of dollars per year.

Does anyone with half a functioning brain actually believe the ridiculous nonsense this fat turd spews?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Mendacious Mason really is a deluded lying fucktard --


A64 did NOT legalize marijuana -- even the authors of that turd Vicente and Tvert stated as much.

A64 did NOT repeal a single marijuana Felony statute in Colorado.

A64 did NOT repeal a single Criminal Misdemeanor statute regarding marijuana in Colorado.

A64 did NOT even repeal the Criminal Petty Offense of Public use/display, instead it explicitly renounced said conduct.

A64 explicitly declared that any private sales between consenting adults shall remain illegal -- a FELONY for a single gram!

A64 explicitly declared that Driving under the INFLUENCE of Marijuana shall remain ILLEGAL, which is now set at a paltry 5 ng/ml rendering nearly ALL mmj patients in violation.

A64 explicitly EXCLUDED EVERY ADULT under 21 yrs old from ANY LEGAL ACCESS to any rec. marijuana -- leaving 10s of thousands of young adults subject to the FULL CRIMINAL penalties of extant law.

Since A64 was passed, CRIMINAL Marijuana Citations in Denver have INCREASED 19 TIMES HIGHER than in 2012.

Since A64 was passed, CRIMINAL Marijuana Citations in Denver have INCREASED 19 TIMES HIGHER than in 2012.

Since A64 was passed, CRIMINAL Marijuana Citations in Denver have INCREASED 19 TIMES HIGHER than in 2012.


Yay...you did it Toni Fox and other recreational marijuana center owners. You successfully scammed the medical marijuana program, patients, and the public and are now selling medical marijuana inventory to out-of-state marijuana tourists for bigger profits! Yay! Doesn't get any more legit than this. 

GuestWho topcommenter

"I think the majority of our sales will be out-of-state tourists...For me, this day has been on my vision-board for ten years. When I picked this facility four years ago, it wasn't as a medical facility but as a recreational facility."  - Toni Fox, 3d cannabis center  ... Everything going as planned, eh?  ....at the expense of medical marijuana patients.  Fuck you and your fake medical marijuana center toni fox!  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Stop the Government Controlled Corporate Commercialization of Cannabis !!

Boycott the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartel Pigs

GROW YOUR OWN ... and/or support your Private Individual Tax-Free Caregiver/Grower.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Matt Leising  ... where?

Not in Colorado, as A64 is nothing but the Continuation of Criminal Prohibition ... with extra Regulations and massive Taxes added for fun.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Kevin Crowe ... A64 continues to put "harmless people" in prison, for a plant, since it did NOT repeal a single Felony marijuana statute in Colorado.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... like your haircut and beard? ... or mendacious Mason Tvert's diet ??


@DonkeyHotay Oh stop braying already, Jackass. Yesterday was a proud day. You had very well behaved marijuana customers. No ugly incidents like you get at WalMart on Black Friday. The only thing you're mad about is that your black market friends no longer have a monopoly protected by prohibition. You can't argue with success.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


 "I will do whatever they [ MMED] tell me to do." -- Toni Fox

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


"We want to do something that's comparable and fair to markets outside of Colorado, We're looking at what an eighth costs on the street in Iowa."
-- Greedy Profiteering Big $$ Dispensary Piglette Toni Fox

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@UncleArthur ... the PROHIBITIONS, Restrictions and Regulations contained in A64 GUARANTEE! the "black market" will continue to thrive and prosper in Colorado.

Now get back in line and wait for that $70 eighth of greedy big $$ dispensary cartel warehouse schwag, chump.

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