Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Herbal Cure in Denver

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It had been about three years since I was last in The Herbal Cure to check out the herb.

And within a minute of my most recent visit, it was easy to tell that the shop has done a lot of, um, growing in that time.

Not that the herb was shoddy before. But staffers have clearly spent the last three years honing their craft in the garden (and dropping their prices).

The Herbal Cure

985 S. Logan Street
Denver, CO 80209

Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Raw marijuana price range (members): $10-$12/gram $25-35/eighth-ounce, $175-$225/ounce. Nonmembers pay about $5 more on the per-eighth price and $250 max on ounces.
Other types of medicine: BHO, CO2 oil, hash, edibles, lotions, drinks.
Online menu? Yes.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

I actually wasn't in for a review. I wanted to pick up some shatter oil to restock the old vape pen. But after the budtender told me that the center would be moving to recreational sales on April 1, I thought it would be easier to review the quality now than after the switch (and subsequent crowds I can see lining up for herb grown this well).

The Herbal Cure is still in the same old lumberyard building that has stood on Logan Street since 1927; it's tucked back behind an antique red train caboose. Of course, the huge sign on the side of the building facing I-25 is probably the best landmark to look for. Parking is easy in the large gravel lot in front of the dispensary itself. You can also see why the shop was a pretty prime dispensary choice, with the rows of huge, closed bay doors on the lumber warehouses no doubt concealing quite a few plants.

Inside, I handed over my red card and ID to the woman behind the glass security window. She checked me in and buzzed me through from the drafty, narrow confines of the tiny reception area to the much warmer and cozier bud bar and patient lounge. I sat on the overstuffed leather couches for a good twenty minutes during my last visit, flipping through pot magazines and watching playoff football. Everything was exactly the same this time around, minus the twenty-minute wait. High Times and THC magazines covered the table, and the Packers were losing to the damn 49ers. Add the wood paneling, and it felt like the inside of an upscale hunting camp or a strangely skunky and lukewarm sauna.

The bud bar is the same as well, still sectioned off partially from the customer lounge in a large alcove and divided into two separate budtender stations. The receptionist had doubled back behind the bar to serve as my budtender and quickly got down to business. Bud is kept in jars on hand-built rustic wooden shelves along the unfinished wood panel wall. Edibles, paraphernalia and pipes are kept behind glass displays built into a bud bar custom-made out of (you guessed it) wood. It's like a faux-rustic Western summer-camp commissary -- though I never went to summer camp and imagine there wasn't this much weed around. (Maybe there was, though, and I was really missing out.)

I started with the herb and went straight for the jars of 303 Kush and Sunshine Daydream, both heavier on the indica side; they were two of the best-looking jars I could see from my spot. The 303 Kush turned out to be an instant keeper, with a nose-punch of OG Kush funk to the lime-green, sandy buds. The heavy lavender-smelling and deep, summer-grass-green Blue Dream was another top-notch batch.

Diesel Dream from The Herbal Cure.

Continue for the rest of the review and photos.

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The Herbal Cure

985 S. Logan St., Denver, CO

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Of all the places I have went to for buds in Denver, this place is hands down the best. I don't go here every time, but I do when I want the best. The Grape Cola will blow your mid. Its true it does smell exactly like grape cola candy would smell. The Headband was great. The Super Lemon Haze smelled like pine wood polish. I got an ounce of OG Sin on 150 an ounce day and it was good. The Jack Flash will punch you in the brain. The Pre 98 Bubba is legit. Do you love Blue Dream? Its a knockout here. I can go on and on. I have tried almost every single flavor they have had in the last couple months. I would give every single one an A if not A+. Like I said I come here when I want to treat myself. Even their bottom shelf is better quality than 90% of the other dispensaries top shelf I have been to. When you pop the lid and show someone your purchase everyone is like Whoh! WTF is that where did you get it? The growers there must be scientist. Do yourself a favor, go to The Herbal Cure. And they have first time buyer specials.


Thank you so much for your kind words WB, (plus Kevin and others in comments)!  We feel so lucky to have been in this industry for 4 years, forming valued relationships with customers and colleagues. The Herbal Cure will never sacrifice our core values of quality and service as we roll out the recreational side of our business. Excited to build new relationships and keep harvesting high-quality cannabis in 2014!

Cameron Goldberg
Cameron Goldberg

Noooooo!!! I like THC wayyyy too much for them to go retail.. #mmjalltheway

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