Top Latest Word posts of 2013, No. 2: You know you're NOT from Colorado when....

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Editor's note: We're counting down the most popular Latest Word posts of 2013. This one came in at No. 2. Read it as originally published.

October 22, 2013: Over the years, we've had a lot of fun collecting "You know you're from Colorado when" punchlines.

But then we wondered: What would happen if we turned that concept on its head and answered the question, "How you know when someone is NOT from Colorado?"

Below, see our top ten. If you're from Colorado, you should understand them. If you aren't -- well, at least you'll know ten things not to do.

Number 10: You know you're NOT from Colorado when....

casa.bonita.south.park.jpg think Casa Bonita is something made up for South Park.

Number 9: You know you're NOT from Colorado when....

heartlandpharm.front.JPG think all those green crosses on shops are supposed to be blue, but they've been bleached by the sun.

Continue to keep counting down our top ten "You know you're NOT from Colorado when" punchlines.

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