Photos: Ten Philip Rivers bolo ties Broncos fans would like to see him wear

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Big photos below.
Chargers QB Philip Rivers, who Broncos fans love to hate, will bring his many ridiculous expressions to Denver on Sunday for a playoff match-up against the Broncos. No doubt he'll be wearing a bolo tie of the sort that San Diego boosters see as a good-luck charm -- hence their declaration of today as "Bolo-tie Friday." And since bolos are a lot more Colorado than California, we decided to join in, by asking Westword's Jay Vollmar to come up with some new-and-improved ties that Broncos backers would like to see Rivers wear. Check out his hilarious designs below.

Number 10: The Peyton Manning Bolo

Adding some Peyton definitely classes up his look, don't you think?

Number 9: The Buzz Lightyear Bolo
Haven't noticed the bizarre resemblance between Rivers and this particular child's plaything? Here's proof:
Continue to keep counting down the top ten Philip Rivers bolos as chosen by Broncos fans.

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Kevin Crowe
Kevin Crowe

I want to see Phillip Rivers crying like a little bitch.

David McGuinness
David McGuinness

So sick of all this bolo crap! Hope THAT RIVERS GUY takes his bolo and shoves it up his ass! Peyton? too classy to be on his tie!


They can want all they want. But Rivers is about to go 3-0 against Peyton in the playoffs, after Peyton chokes yet again

Erin Hess
Erin Hess

I wouldn't mind seeing one around his neck.

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