Richard Sandberg tries to trade bombs for cocaine, gets prison instead

richard sandberg crime scene.jpg
The search of Sandberg's home, as seen in a photo provided by the ATF.
If any feds tried to pry away his firepower, he announced, "it would be a bad day for them and lots of them would die." But while he was willing to give up his life to protect his weaponry, he believed that no gaggle of agents or SWAT team was capable of busting him at the house -- that only a US Marine Special Forces Recon team could do so.

Did the ATF agent take that as a challenge? The affidavit doesn't say. But after Sandberg showed off more of his lethal gear, including pipe bombs and small silver destructive devices known as "crickets," and mentioned his preference for cocaine over money (he liked being paid in one ounce increments), agents from the ATF, the Denver Police Department and bomb squads from Jefferson County and Colorado Springs arranged to pay him a visit -- and when they did, they managed to take him into custody without any damage to life and limb despite his braggadocio.

This past June, Sandberg entered two possession of unregistered firearms guilty pleas. His reward at this week's sentencing was 51 months in federal prison.

Looks like his schmucky plans blew up in his face.

Here's a 2013 7News report about Sandberg's arrest, as well as the aforementioned affidavit.

Richard Sandberg Complaint

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Silly fool. Only Bush and Reagan can trade cocaine for weapons.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 ""claimed a right-wing declaration of independence/constitutionalist political manifesto and made disparaging remarks about the current administration and them wanting to take away his guns."

Typical Gun-Loon Teabagger member of the Repuglican party.

merl.allen topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay  and a big tough talking coward to boot like your typical teabagger

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