Spirit Airlines is high on marijuana's marketing potential

Despite obvious interest across the country, Colorado's big tourism boosters are still shying away from any reference to recreational marijuana: On, the Colorado Tourism Office's otherwise expansive site, and, Colorado Ski Country USA's site, searching for "marijuana" nets you exactly...nothing. But some tourism businesses see the possibilities: "We're High!" crowed Spirit Airlines in an e-mail sent yesterday. "(At least 30,000 feet.)"

The deal offered in the e-mail from the Florida-based low-cost airline is repeated on the Spirit website, which promises "fares so low they're barely legal in some states."

Careers at Spirit Airlines Facebook page
Here's the rest of the message:
The 'No Smoking' Sign is Off (in Colorado)

Get Mile High with $10 Off* Flight-Only Bookings & Flights Booked with Vacation Packages

If you want to make a beeline for Colorado right now, we don't blame you -- but we're up to take you to plenty of chill destinations. Book a flight only, flight + hotel, flight + car or flight + hotel + car for travel from January 11, 2014 through March 12, 2014 (offer not valid for travel on Sundays) and you'll save $10 off* the flight portion of your trip! Simply enter 10OFF (all caps, no spaces) in the Promotion Code box on the home page when booking to get these savings. Book today...and be sure to pack some munchies. All flights must be booked by 11:59pm on January 6, 2014 and a 7-day advance purchase is required.

Spirit also bills itself as the "greenest major airline" -- clearly, in more ways than one.

Just remember: If you take advantage of Spirit's offer and come to Colorado to experience that Rocky Mountain High, don't expect to take your sativa souvenirs back home -- Denver International Airport has a no tolerance policy. Instead, you could drop off your leftovers at one of Colorado's tourism welcome centers -- and suggest that it's time for the boosters to lighten up.

If not light up.

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Tory Reineke
Tory Reineke

haha oh spirit airlines, so classy, so fancy. Blunts on da plane

Erik Keith
Erik Keith

Spirit Airlines @ DTW is the WORST airlines I have ever had the displeasure of flying. Never, ever again!

Bree Miller
Bree Miller

just imagine the amazing in-flight snacks! screw the old peanuts and pretzels! haha Everything in CO is centered around pot right now. Kudos to them for using it to a marketing advantage

Annette Herrera
Annette Herrera

Not sure the advertisement for Spirit Airlines being high on marijuanna marketing is a good pitch......made me think of the flight crew getting high. Lol. Not a very safe feeling if you're a frequent flyer. Lol.

Chad Kreutzer
Chad Kreutzer

I think it's a combination of a "wait and see" attitude and fear of alienating their customers who aren't so "high" on legal pot.

Stephanie Ummel
Stephanie Ummel

they are just trying to bring in more revenue from a different market, still doesnt change the fact this is the sketchiest airline ive ever been on with all my flights being delayed and one of which canceling. thanks anyways spirit, you still suck


Good story. Money eventually will talk.


What money?

Commercialized weed doesn't even generate enough tax revenue to pay for the costs of regulation and enforcement.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay Ironic how the pic you're proudest of features a DEA Agent holding his weapons of choice. Your typical "pot dealer," not so much.

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