Videos: Ten reasons not to hate Tom Brady -- sort of

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Videos below.
Earlier this week, after we published a gallery of Tom Brady hate memes, a number of our readers called us out, arguing that "hate" shouldn't have been used in this context. (We didn't really hear similar complaints over a collection of Philip Rivers hate memes, but we digress.) And so, with the Broncos' playoff games against Tom Brady's Patriots just days away, we decided to make amends, by creating a video-assisted top ten list of reasons not to hate Brady -- sort of. See what we mean by counting down our picks below.

Number 10: He's a really excellent dancer

Number 9: He does a wicked version of "Call Me Maybe."

Number 8: His supermodel wife has his back

Continue to keep counting down our ten reasons not to hate Tom Brady.

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Ronnie Jiegert
Ronnie Jiegert

It's just not fair... You can't be good at football AND handsome... pick one damn it.

Gail Lucinda Madrid
Gail Lucinda Madrid

Oh plz ppl quit complainin about everything! Hata hate absolutly HATE brady! Lol jk just wanna stir the more ways than 1 ....ppp #bleedorangenblu

Robb Pierce
Robb Pierce

Hate? Love Tom Brady! Best playoff QB ever!

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