Photos: Ten great things to do in Denver before the Super Bowl -- many of them free
Big photos below.
The City of Denver is celebrating the Broncos' trip to the Super Bowl in plenty of unusual ways -- like Governor John Hickenlooper temporarily renaming Colorado's 14ers for Denver players. And tourism agency VISIT DENVER is no exception.

The staff has come up with a list of things to do in Denver before the big game, many of them free.

Count down the top ten below, featuring photos, links, details and VISIT DENVER text.

Number 10: Escape Winter in a Tropical Floral Wonderland at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Who cares if cold and snow in New York will affect the passing game if you're walking between 200 orchids amidst more than 1,000 blossoms? Visit the conservatory, take of your coat and relax in the tropics until kickoff.
Number 9: Go Back 300 Million Years at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Flickr Creative Commons/Bradley Gordon
You'll learn that a Super Bowl played during the Paleozoic era would have been an aquatic game because Seattle, Denver and New York were all under water. Burn off some energy at the Expedition Health and be reassured that no matter how fast your heart beats during the game, your brain cells will receive the same amount of oxygen.
Continue to keep counting down our list of ten great things to do in Denver before the Super Bowl -- many of them free.

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