Videos: Tom Brady betrayed in Broncos game by Santa and his elves?

Videos and more below.
We recently shared photos of the moment Tom Brady realized Peyton Manning had just beaten his ass in Sunday's AFC Championship. But viewers of KKTV in Colorado Springs may have interpreted his disappointment in another way.

Earlier in the game, amid a very poorly timed technical difficulty, an on-screen crawl over a Brady freeze frame said that Santa and his elves would be taking calls -- and given Tommy's expression, it's clear he didn't get what he wanted. Videos and more below.

As documented on the KKTV Facebook page, the outage took place in the first quarter of the game and lasted for an extended period of time. Here are some sample messages from viewers:

Shouldn't you explain how you lost the game feed for ten minutes in the first quarter???

Hopefully the superbowl ain't on this channel.

Hope y'all arent covering it, so I can watch the whole game WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS. Today was epic fail. Bush league.

We are changing your call letters from KKTV to WTFTV.

One viewer shared two clips on YouTube of what viewers saw during the outage. Here's the first one:

More amusing, though, is the second. At about the twenty second mark below, a crawl briefly comes up stating that "Santa and his elves will take your calls until 7 p.m." Here it is....

...and here's a screen capture of Brady and the crawl:

Of course, we have no idea whether Tom picked up the phone and asked Santa for another trip to the Super Bowl. If he did, we can only assume he'd wound up on the naughty list.

More from our Photos archive: "See photos of the moment Tom Brady realized Peyton Manning just beat his ass."

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

Aaaaand again another Lamebook DWEEB comment fail. Waste of life.

Justin Roy
Justin Roy

manning will fuck it up in the end, he won't win the superbowl

Travis J Smith
Travis J Smith

Aaaaand again another Westword fail. Waste of ink

Brad Wilkins
Brad Wilkins

Westword. Let's not create a story where there isn't one. Super Bowl focused!

Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams

lol Denver is funny should have a pic of how happy Manning is to get the win at 11 - 4 he won a game not the world \... congrats on the win

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