Readers: Backcountry skiers may be risking their lives for thrills, and they know it

Yesterday, we posted about an avalanche death that took place outside the boundaries of the Keystone ski area -- and when we shared it, we asked readers if backcountry skiing under current conditions is too risky. Here's a sampling of the responses we received.

Robin Shaw writes:

My friend is in Summit County Mountain Rescue.... He was the one to find the body yesterday. So sad and unnecessary. It has been all over the news that avalanche danger is very high and imminent.
Jeff Van Benschoten writes:
High risk means high question.
Lissa Dalmer writes:
In way less of conditions than this, it's too risky.
James Gold writes:
To address your question, Westword -- I don't think backcountry skiers are drawn to it for the safety.

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Biggest issue is people dont want to spend the money or time to have the proper equipment or training.  I dont feel sorry for anyone who is caught in a slide while skiing without a beacon, probe, shovel, or Avy training.  Backcountry skiing is a risk but can be minimized by the proper preparations.  Sad to hear but, if this guy had a beacon, it wouldnt have taken two days to find him.  If you are not prepared for the backcountry, then dont risk it.

Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon

Comparing 2 individuals that by preliminary reports had no idea what they were doing or where they were isn't valid when discussing back country travelers. They were two inbound riders that saw a chance to get pow by cutting through a gate.

David Lash
David Lash

Who thinks Westward should stop asking questions, about other peoples opinions?

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