Photos: Alleged sex-assaulting twins and the rest of January 2014's top fifteen mug shots

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Big photos below.
Imagine one identical twin trying to blame sex assaults on the other, because their DNA is virtually identical two -- with the second one being arrested after the first pleads guilty for similar crimes.

Sounds like fiction, but it's a real story we told this past month, and we've got the photos to prove it.

Continue to check out the fifteen most memorable mug shots from January, and be sure to click on the links or captions to read our original coverage.

Eric Garcia.
Read more in "Eric Garcia convicted of three sex-assault attempts in one hour."

Alejandro Perez.
Read more in "Is Colorado keeping inmates past their release dates?"

Wesley Maldonado.
Read more in "Photos: Wesley Maldonado killed by cops in Thornton after high-speed chase."

Continue to see more of January 2014's fifteen most memorable mug shots.

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Suni Daze
Suni Daze

good ......put both of them away together . And all the rest of these fucks !! Prison for a long time !!

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