Photos: Top 14 Colorado places for a Valentine's Day kiss

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One way to make Valentine's Day happier is if you have someone to kiss. But what's the best place to smooch?

We mean "place" as in "place to go." Get your minds out of the gutter (until later, that is).

Well, our friends at the Colorado Tourism Office have compiled a list of the most romantic places in the state to steal a kiss, and as luck would have it, there are fourteen suggestions -- perfect for today. Continue to count down the photo-illustrated suggestions, complete with tourist office text.

Number 14: Over a Fine Meal

Colorado has no shortage of amazing restaurants to inspire warm feelings. You might opt for the latest offering from a local celebrity chef, such as Alex Seidel, of Fruition in Denver, who was voted one of Food and Wine's best new chefs in 2010; or Kelly Liken, whose eponymous restaurant is in Vail. Or, you might choose a destination restaurant like Ragnar's in Steamboat Springs, where getting there is half the fun -- guests can arrive only via skis, snowboards or snowshoes.

Number 13: On a Scenic Overlook
Take your better half sightseeing in a whole different way by following one of Colorado's scenic byway driving tours. Any of these roads will provide you with ample photo opportunities, and every time you pull over to admire the view, you can take a moment to admire each other, too.

Number 12: On Top of the World
Whether you ski or not, Colorado's ski resorts can be some of the most romantic places in the world: Imagine a winter wonderland viewed from a peak that seems to touch the sky. Ride the lifts to the highest peaks, or just snuggle by the fire in the lodge.

Continue to keep counting down the top fourteen Colorado places for a Valentine's Day kiss.

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

Your future cell mate will appreciate you for that, Jack.

Jack Gormley
Jack Gormley

I want the whole Hallmark loving world to kiss my ass on Valentine' Day.

Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace

You want your ass to be one of the top 14 places for valentine's day kiss?

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