Bionca Rogers wanted after missing man Grant Frazier's body found in Iowa

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Big photos below.
Bionca Rogers' Facebook page is filled with happy photos co-starring friends, family and an adorable little girl -- and Rogers herself seems not to have a care in the world.

She does now, however. She's been named in a first-degree murder warrant pertaining to the death of Grant Frazier, a 61 year old Colorado Springs man who'd been missing for more than a week -- and whose body was discovered hundreds of miles away, in a small town in Iowa. Photos and details below.

A photo of Grant Frazier circulated by the Colorado Springs Police Department.
On February 24, the Colorado Springs Police Department posted an alert for Frazier.

According to the CSPD, Frazier hadn't been seen since February 16 -- and neither had his vehicle, a 2009 Mitsubish Galant sedan like this one:
Frazier is said to have last been in the company of Rogers, 21. Here's the photo of her that CSPD shared.... another....
...and another....
...from her Facebook page.

The CSPD described the circumstances of Frazier's disappearance as "suspicious," and his sad fate certainly backs up this conclusion.

Continue for more about the death of Grant Frazier and the search for Bionca Rogers, including additional photos.

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Jesse Jackson just called.......oh wait, no he didn't !!!!!!!


She turned herself into the Cedar Rapids, Iowa police department on Wednesday!


can't really tell she's a stone cold killer from the happy facebook photos.  of course, she hasn't been convicted yet, i'm just saying...

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