Photos: Boulder's first recreational pot shop celebrates its grand opening
Big photos below.
Last week, we told you about the soft launch of Terrapin Care Station, Boulder's first recreational marijuana store. But days after our post, TCS celebrated its grand opening in style, with a ribbon-cutting courtesy of Boulder City Councilman Macon Cowles, seen here with owner Christopher Woods, and guest appearances by plenty of cannabis industry heavyweights. Photographer Ken Hamblin was on hand to capture the scene. Check out a sampling of his shots below, and click to see the complete Terrapin Care Station opens in Boulder slide show.
Photo by Ken Hamblin
Photo by Ken Hamblin
Photo by Ken Hamblin
Photo by Ken Hamblin
Continue to see more photos from Terrapin Care Station's grand opening.

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Why do these marijuana stores want to addict children to hard drugs? Everyone knows that alcohol is a gateway drug to marijuana, which  then in turn totally leads to heroin addiction. I am going to pray for these drugged out losers.. Right after I get done drinking some wine.....I mean the blood of Jesus.....

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