Say goodbye to CapRock Farm Bar

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At our Cafe Society blog, Lori Midson on CapRock Farm Bar's upcoming Friday farewell.

Colorado Pols: How would you caption this photo of a bow-tie-wearing Jared Polis?

South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels on Jan Vesely getting the Deadspin treatment.

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Nick Bishop
Nick Bishop

At $8-10 a drink on N. Brighton, does this really surprise people?

Chris Lindgren
Chris Lindgren

In my opinion, they should have offered beer and wine. Give the public what they want, then take the time to inform/educate their customer when they have their attention. I would speculate that a lot of their customers were overflow from the restaurants waiting for a table. I would have expected them to tweak the concept before folding. It was a great addition to a great development.

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