Photos: Our twenty favorite Colorado postcards

Big photos below.
Postcards have become something of an anachronism. Why send a vacation curio via snail mail when you might beat it home -- and you've already sent photos and videos over the phone? But there's no arguing that the most memorable of them are eye-popping fun.

For proof, check out these amazing Colorado postcards -- rectangular pieces of art capable of making almost anyone pine to visit attractions throughout the state. Count down our twenty favorites below.

Number 20:


Number 19:


Number 18:


Number 17:

Continue to keep counting down our twenty favorite Colorado postcards.

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Victoria Dyksterhuis Folkerts
Victoria Dyksterhuis Folkerts

I LOVE postcards and I believe people still enjoy getting them, much more personal, and I like to collect them, too!

Erica Boniface
Erica Boniface

My sister-in-law sends a postcard every month to my son--and it's one of my favorite things to receive in the mail!

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