Reader: Denver's a better city than Seattle -- but stay away, Washingtonians!
Mo Rocca.
The Super Bowl is behind us, but the rivalry between the cities of Denver and Seattle continues. Example: We're still getting comments after sharing a video in which CBS' Mo Rocca argued for Denver's supremacy. This reader agrees with Mo -- not that he wants to throw out the welcome mat to Seattle residents.

Joseph Warnick writes:

The weather alone wins here in the 303. No contest. Sorry. Stay in Seattle, don't come to Denver please.

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Oregon has its good points. Mainly Portland. I work in Seattle more often than Denver because im relocating to Seattle next year. Ill be happy to trade off the snow for that rain that pisses you off because it just mists fucking up your freshly washed car. The Cities are alike with the friendliness of the people in my opinion. And Im not a Weed smoker so i could really give two shits about that.

Mick Paul
Mick Paul

You have some ignorant readers. Yeah, lets just keep everyone out from all states why stop with Washington state? Build a big electrified fence around the state of Colorado. It would be a Republicans wet dream. lol. Who needs the tourist dollars anyway?


Rah. Rah. Rah. 

Go Home Team.

Move The Thing Over To The Other Thing.


Derrick James Garner
Derrick James Garner

Seattle is nice, Oregon might be nicer, but Colorado/Denver is an amazing location, and I've lived in Europe.


Colorado is better than Washington, but Seattle is better than Denver.

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