Best places to eat during Denver Restaurant Week don't take part?

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Denver blog posts are good enough to eat -- figuratively speaking, anyhow.

At our Cafe Society blog, Patricia Calhoun shares a comment from a reader who sees advantages to dining at non-participating eateries during Denver Restaurant Week.

Coyote Gulch on an award-winning San Miguel River project.

Colorado Pols: Make room in the clown car for Bob Beauprez.

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Carol Urbanowski
Carol Urbanowski

I go to them instead of steering clear. I wouldnt go to a lot of the restaurants if it wasnt for Restaurant Week. Service was great, food wonderful, and

Mary Manning Schumacher
Mary Manning Schumacher

I avoid restaurant week but it is a nice way for people to experience a place they couldn't normally afford.

Michelle Raye
Michelle Raye

Agree ! It's a bad way to promote a restaurant. The participants are twice as busy or more than usual, the quality of food decreases, the service is strained and the overall dining experience isn't as it was meant to be. And the guests don't seem to realize they're getting food and service for half the regular price and only tip at half the price. Restaurant Week doesn't benefit the guest with it's intended dining experience, it HURTS the participating restaurants with bad reviews and it KILLS the server/bartender's rent for March.


Shouldn't participating restaurants PREPARE better for restaurant week?  Make it an experience you won't forget?  We usually try out a restaurant we would never try normally... hoping it's good enough to return in the future.  Participating restaurants/owners/servers/bartenders need to step up their game during this week so they can pay their rent/mortgage (yes, mortgage) from April thru February.

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