Photos: Ten weirdest Colorado items found in FOUND Magazine, 2014 edition

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Big photos below.
Back in 2012, Kelsey Whipple shared a collection of ten strange Colorado items from FOUND Magazine, a website and book series that specialize in notes, letters and photos sent in by folks from across the country -- many of them hilarious, poignant, disturbing or some combination thereof.

Nearly two years later, we dropped by the site and found lots more Colorado-centric oddities, involving f-bombs, toilet paper rolls and future hip-hop star Rap Killa Vanilla. Count down our ten weirdest finds below.

Number 10: The days of twine and roses

This may be the best f*cking vacation itinerary ever. (Found in Boulder.)

Number 9: No, you don't need an advanced degree to change the toilet paper

Good news, kids! You can do it, too! (Found in Boulder.)

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest items found in FOUND Magazine, 2014 edition.

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Sandra DeRosia
Sandra DeRosia

No need to click, the baby in the monocle is the best thing in the whole list.

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