Photos: Heaviest drinking cities in the U.S. and Colorado -- and the local place on each list

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The Centers for Disease Control recently released statistics that ranked cities by the percentage of residents who drink heavily (defined as men who have more than two drinks daily, and women who consume more than one) and binge drink (men who down more than five drinks at a sitting on occasion, and women who polish off more than four). The stats, based on data from 2011, feature five Colorado metro areas. We've broken down the numbers to show how the quintet ranks in these categories here in Colorado as well as in the U.S. as a whole.

As you'll see, one Colorado city among those included in the survey -- Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver-Aurora, Greeley and Fort Collins -- finishes high on all four lists. Continue to find out which one, as well as to get often-surprising alcohol-consumption info about dozens of cities nationwide.

Alcohol Consumption: Binge drinkers (males having five or more drinks on one occasion, females having four or more drinks on one occasion)

Colorado rankings:

Number 5: Colorado Springs, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area

15.8 percent yes, 84.3 percent no

Number 4: Greeley, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area

18.6 percent yes, 81.4 percent no

Number 3: Boulder, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area

17.1 percent yes, 82.9 percent no

Number 2: Denver-Aurora, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area

21.0 percent yes, 79.0 percent no

Number 1: Fort Collins-Loveland, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area

26.4 percent yes, 73.6 percent no

Continue to see the binge drinking numbers for the entire U.S., plus additional rankings.

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