Photos: Top ten new looks for Jared Polis

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Representative Jared Polis was not doing a great job of representing Colorado earlier this week, when he was spotted on the House floor wearing a bow-tie and a purple polo. Afterward, GQ offered to give him a makeover, stating in an article "Okay. Calm. Breathe. Alright, Congressman...Jared Polis of Colorado. Wow, a Democrat? Thanks, Obama. But anyway, Jared. It's fine. We can help. You should let us help you."

No need, GQ. We've got ten new looks that will make Polis the fashion talk of the town.

Polis's dubious bow-tie look.
Polis tweeted back at GQ, welcoming the makeover. But before the magazine's team gets to him, we wanted to offer up some classic styles (including some Colorado staples) he should try out next time he speaks in the House.

Continue to count down our top ten picks for new looks.

Number 10:

Snowboarder Jared

Number 9:

Juggalo Jared

Continue to keep counting down our top ten new looks for Jared Polis.

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He looks like a schlemiel.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Just goes to show, fleecing $100s of MILLIONS of $$ of Other People's Money during the Internet Bubble doesn't breed any Class or Style.

Mick Paul
Mick Paul

You people at Westword need to get a fucking life. What does it matter if this guy wears a bow tie, or not? I mean seriously. Don't you guys have any more frivolous lawsuits to file against Colorado?

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