Photos: Lion cubs, baby Komodo dragons are fruits of Denver Zoo matchmaking labor

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More photos below.
This week's cover story, "Beauty of the Beasts," delves into the world of animal sex -- and explains how zookeepers carefully match captive animals to ensure that future generations are healthy and sustainable (read: not inbred). The Denver Zoo is home to the official matchmakers for all African lions and all Komodo dragons in the 222 zoos that belong to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. As professional Cupids, it's their job to oversee the creation of effing adorable baby lions and less-fluffy-but-still-pretty-cute baby dragons. See photos below!

Denver Zoo
Baby Komodo dragons!

Denver Zoo
Adult Komodo dragon, Castor, who has, uh, participated in successful breedings.

Continue to see photos of baby lions!

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Evelyn Maria
Evelyn Maria

A vet in Qatar made sure the lions were given a good home. I think they were part of a private zoo. As a cheetah is driven around like a dog in a PT cruiser in Qatar

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