Photos: Ten lowest-ever Denver temperatures in February -- and where today's -16 lands

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Big photos below.
When Denver's thermometer hit -15 on December 5, we thought it would stand as the coldest day of the season. But no: At 5:53 a.m., the National Weather Service recorded the official Denver temp at -16.

This mark is the second chilliest February low in Denver this century. But how's it stack up with temps for this month since record-keeping began in the 1800s? We've tallied up the ten coldest of all-time, according to NWS, and today definitely makes our photo-illustrated list. Count them down below.

Number 10:

February 10, 1933, February 13, 1905: -14

Number 9:

February 9, 2001: -15

Continue to keep counting down the ten lowest Denver temperatures in February.

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Brian Smith
Brian Smith

I'm handling the chill quite well from South Florida.

John Michael Alvarez
John Michael Alvarez

Well over here in Glendale at The courtyard at cherry creek my heat isn't working. This is the 5th time this year that its below freezing and it has just abruptly stopped overnight. The super has been up as many times "fixing" it as well... Who do I contact to make sure it actually gets fixed? I know many neighbors this is happening to as well... It's literally 40 degrees in my house.

Lindsay Allen
Lindsay Allen

I remember there being a couple of days in the 80's in February back in 2009!

Aaron Betcher
Aaron Betcher

working in a high school that is freezing also. yeah!!

Ryan Dunaway
Ryan Dunaway

Chill? I did what any other on reasonable hipster would do. Hop on my fixie and rode to work.

Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan

Watching dumbshit Californians spin their Lexus 4x4's into ditches

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