Marijuana: Boulder's first recreational pot shop opening a surprise to owner, too
Photos, video below.
On January 1, eighteen recreational marijuana stores opened in Denver -- and that number has more than doubled in the weeks since then. But in Boulder, which may have the weediest reputation of any Colorado community, not a single non-medical pot shop was open until 12:36 p.m. yesterday, when Terrapin Care Station's Folsom Street branch finally debuted. Why the delay? And why such a weird launch time? A TCS spokesman has those details, as well as info about the official grand opening later in the week. Photos, a video and details below.

As noted by marijuana advocate Shawn Coleman, whose public-affairs firm, 36 Solutions, is working with Terrapin Care Station, Amendment 64, the 2012 measure that allows adults 21 and over to use and possess small amounts of cannabis, calls for the state to issue business licenses to qualified individuals between 45 and ninety days after an application is received. This language was likely inspired by long Department of Revenue licensing delays for medical marijuana operations a few years back.
Terrapin Care Station on Folsom.
Coleman notes that Denver passed enabling regulations for marijuana businesses in October, so that those 45 days would end prior to January 1, the first day when shops were allowed to open under the amendment. In contrast, Boulder didn't get the job done until mid-November -- and licensing was further delayed because a moratorium on the businesses didn't expire until New Year's Day.

As a result, entrepreneurs in Boulder couldn't even submit their applications until January 2, at which point the clock began to tick.

Shawn Coleman.
Terrapin Care Station owner Christopher Woods applied on that day, Coleman reveals -- and by his calculations, the 45th day fell on Monday, when city offices were closed for Presidents' Day. Then, the next day, Woods was at the Department of Revenue's offices for what Coleman describes as an unrelated appointment when a staffer said, "By the way, we have your license. Would you like to have it?"

The answer was "yes," of course -- and Coleman is impressed that it was ready. "This time last year, we were talking about a Department of Revenue that was months or even years behind on issuing licenses," he points out. "But I think the department has really gotten its act together."

Armed with the license, Woods headed to Terrapin Care Station's 1795 Folsom Street outlet, briefly closed the doors, and then worked with staff to conduct state-mandated inventory transfer procedures. And when they were done, at 12:36 p.m., they opened their doors to recreational customers.

Continue for more about the opening of Boulder's first recreational pot shop, including more photos and a video.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

"He expects even more to stop by in the coming days, even though the branch is now recreational-marijuana only; MMJ patients who'd previously patronized the Folsom Street TCS must now travel to its other address, at 5370 Manhattan Circle, Suite 104."

How/why, exactly, are patients locked out of recreational dispensaries? I call BS.

B-rad K. Evans
B-rad K. Evans

Wow! Laura Bruns The first retail weed shop in boulder is at the old Dunkin' Donuts location at Canyon/Folsom! Ha!

Sara Conrad
Sara Conrad

Not complicated to me, the reason it took so long = .Boulder City Council and Tom Carr

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Too bad they are located less than 1000' feet from University of Colorado dormitories ...

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Cognitive_Dissident  ... Michael Roberts once again proving he has ZERO comprehension of the subject matter he writes about.

1) the med patients can still shop at Folsom, as long as they don't mind getting raped by the exploitativly higher prices and higher taxes.

2) if they don't want to get financially raped they don't have to drive miles over to the other store in south east Boulder, they can simply patronize the nearest competitor -- LivWell at 3000 Folsom St -- which is just a few blocks north, who won't financially abuse them with artificially inflated prices. 

Or they can patronize Fresh Baked at 2539 Pearl Street just a few blocks away.

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