Marijuana: Two Pueblo pot shops make nearly $1 million in a month

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Back in October, at a time when plenty of jurisdictions across Colorado were balking at allowing recreational marijuana sales, Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace told us that officials in his part of southern Colorado had chosen to embrace the new industry. "As communities turn down this part of Amendment 64, we see it as an opportunity for growth in Pueblo," he said.

Score one for Pace. Pueblo has just released January sales figures, and the numbers are just shy of $1 million for the only two shops open in the county thus far.

The total sales between the two stores during January topped out at $932,657.14, according to Pueblo County figures -- and that's paying off for taxpayers. Here's a further breakdown of the digits, from a county release:

Sal Pace in an image from his Facebook page.
• $32,643 paid directly to Pueblo County for January sales as part of the 3.5% special sales tax approved by the voters in November (this was the first time in Pueblo County history that the County collected retail sales tax).

• $93,266 projected paid to the State in January from Pueblo County as part of the special 10% state sales tax approved by voters in November (15 percent of that amount will be sent back to Pueblo County from the State).

• $13,989.90 expected to be paid back to the County by the State as part of the January 2014 sales, and $9,326.57 is the expected sales tax collected for the County as part of the County's regular 1 percent sales tax on all sales.

• $55,959.47 TOTAL projected paid to Pueblo County in all January 2014 sales tax.

• $11,191,885.70 the projected amount of gross sales in Pueblo County for 2014 for recreational marijuana if the January sales pace continues.

• $671,513.64 the projected total of expected sales tax generated for Pueblo County during all of 2014 if sales continue at the same pace as January 2014.
Sal Pace being sworn into office as Pueblo County Commissioner last year.
Of course, annual estimates represent the purest guesswork, especially with additional shops in the planning stages. Pueblo regulations limit the number of retail operations at ten, but when they'll be open is hard to know. Another three are expected to start doing business by the end of the month, but the schedule for the rest remains more amorphous at present.

In the meantime, however, Pueblo County is the rare jurisdiction to be touting recreational marijuana sales, as opposed to keeping the businesses at arm's length. The county release trumpets the area's "status as the only community between Denver and New Mexico with approved and operational recreational marijuana." And Pace continues to talk up the positive aspects of such commerce.

"During January, we took a million dollars out of the black market, while generating $55,000 in tax revenue for our local community," Pace notes in a statement. "We recognize that the eyes of the world are watching us and we are proud to have erected a robust regulatory environment in Pueblo County."

Adds Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert "Bo" Ortiz, the man in charge of licensing the stores and collecting taxes: "This is the first time in Pueblo County history we have collected retail sales tax. We wanted to make a business friendly tax collection system that works with the stores to ensure that our process wasn't onerous for their success."

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Good thing the thieving government probably made more than they did.

David Capell
David Capell

only 2 shops in a town of over 100k??? why only 2?

Blake O'Dunn
Blake O'Dunn

Its the onlyyyy thing making money there too... lol

Albert Martinez
Albert Martinez

Now let's hope they don't follow other cities by figuring out how to dismantle the revenue stream


"Marijuana: Two Pueblo pot shops make nearly $1 million in a month"

"Pueblo has just released January sales figures, and the numbers are just shy of $1 million for the only two shops open in the county thus far."

Michel Roberts, your title is incorrect.  "Making" implys profit.  Yet, you state that the amount is "sales"  Profit is defied to be revenue minus expenses.  Sales amount minus expenses would be the correct amount that the shops "made".  I'm betting their profit was much less than $1 million.  I'm betting that number would be a lot less impressive which is why you chose to use the higher and incorrect number?

I saw recently in the news that these places are paying as much as $15,000 a month for electricity.  I know for a fact that they are also paying for growing supplies.  They are also paying their employees.  This business is expensive to operate.  I'd like to know what they are actually "making".


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... because Lyin' Brian Vicente -- the same jackass who wrote that piece of shit A64 -- was paid by Pueblo to write even MORE Restrictions, Regulations and Prohibitions for them crush dispensaries with.

Pueblo's arbitrary limit of 10 shops per 100k people is less 1/50 (one fiftieth) the nominal distribution of medical shops per registered patients statewide. 

That noncompetitive artificial Pueblo restriction gives the each shop approximately 10,000 potential customers each, where the Medical Dispensaries have been operating with access to 200 potential customers, on average.

Guess who the "lucky" few 10 shops will be? ... those who paid bribes -- hire -- Vicente & Sederberg as their McLawyers !!

                      *** Get REGULATED, Bitches!! ***

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@kadargo  ... you can always count on Michael "fluffmaster" Roberts and Westweed to promoted THE BIGGEST LIE possible that fits their pot pimp propaganda plan.

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