Fort Collins High's 'Merica Day: A USA tribute, an insult to patriots or media knee-jerking?

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We're all familiar with how quickly small matters can become national controversies these days -- and the twists, turns and craziness around a Fort Collins High School spirit week proposal for what was originally called "'Merica Day" is a case in point. The school initially rejected the idea for a variety of reasons that are getting more unclear with each passing hour. But after Fox News and other conservative outlets cried foul, it's been reinstated, albeit as "America Day," with that missing "A" in place. How did the event become so politicized? The usual way....

According to the Fort Colins Coloradoan, assorted FCHS student council members say their proposal for "'Merica Day" was originally nixed by administrators because they felt it would exclude international students.
Fort Collins High School.
The council then countered by suggesting "My Country Monday." But members maintain that, too, was given a least until the story began to get traction among conservative media types such as Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, who wrote a blistering piece about the issue entitled "You Can't Celebrate America, School Says."

Also highly offended by the supposed ban was Alex Jones, of fame. Here's a video of his invective, including his pronunciation of "'Merica Day" as what sounds like "Mercy-a Day."

At that point, the spinning began in earnest. Below, we've reproduced a statement from the Poudre School District in its entirety. But among officials' explanations for not going along with the idea in the first place was that "Merica is a slang term that is often used in a negative, stereotypical way to describe life in the United States."

This claim definitely has merit: Plenty of folks in recent years have roughened up their voices and declared, "'Merica!" as a way of mocking ultra-patriots whose love of country seems to have crossed the line into mania. And the idea that FCHS students actually wanted to make fun of loving America rather than salute it has been given credence in some quarters. Here's one Facebook post we found that expresses this viewpoint:

The term 'Merica' is used when people make fun of 'rednecks' and 'hicks' and typically is shown online with fat, slovenly, Americans.... And the students planned this. They were hoping to get it through and then have entire day dedicated to trashing Americans.... Then the adults came out and said the ban was to keep from offending foreigners for us celebrating our country...then they backpedaled again and said they figured out the 'Merica' plan and made them change the name and do it right....

It's a huge, sad mess and commentary on what type of children this town is raising and what they're learning about America from our public schools/teachers, their parents and the community.

THIS is what leftist indoctrination in our public school system creates. Just think for a moment what things would be like if these selfish, self-absorbed, elitist, spoiled children did something kind and good for America???

Continue for more about the "'Merica Day" controversy, including photos and video.

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LindaLee Law
LindaLee Law

the bottom line is Anything ANTI WHITE under the guise of diversity

LindaLee Law
LindaLee Law

'Merica day yes let us continue to pamper the ignorant and ungrateful blacks who speak lke this and all the immigrants who cannot use the potty or cook on the stove.

Eris Alleger
Eris Alleger

Both sides of this argument are completely ridiculous.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

You might be a Teabagger 'murrikkkan if --

1) You’re offended at any suggestion that the Tea Party is racist, even though nobody objects when people show up at your rallies with blatantly racist signs and slogans.

2) Ronald Reagan is your hero because he was against raising taxes and big government… even though he raised taxes 11 times, doubled the national debt, and tripled the size of government.

3) You mocked Nancy Pelosi for getting emotional when she reflected on the murder of her friend, Mayor George Moscone, but you think it’s manly when John Boehner blubbers when he watches reruns of Flipper.

4) You were all in favor of George Bush bringing “Democracy” to Iraq by invading and killing hundreds of thousands of women and children, but you think Obama “blew it” by staying out of it when the people of Tunisia and Egypt toppled their dictators in popular revolts.

5) You think Climate Change is a big hoax because Senator James Inhofe, firmly in the pocket of the oil companies says it’s bogus.

6) You think president Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, and that he managed to fool the CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service and the entire US government archive of documents with one Photoshopped image.

7) You think president Obama is a socialist, because he wants all Americans to pay their share of taxes, including the rich, and all Americans to enjoy the same benefits of an equitable society, including the same healthcare that Congress enjoys.

8) You think Glenn Beck’s theory of a Code Pink/Muslim/Communist alliance conspiracy to take over the world in a 21st Century caliphate makes perfect sense.

9) You believe the Citizens United decision was all about corporate “free speech,” yet you’re against the Fairness Doctrine being reenacted, because you think it’s contrary to “free speech.”

10) You are absolutely pro-life, under all circumstances — except when an abortion doctor is executed in his church, because he asked for it.

11) You thought it was cool when Sarah Palin “targeted” Democratic seats on her website with crosshairs, including Gaby Giffords. But when Giffords was shot in Arizona, you didn’t see any connection.

12) You think Sarah Palin would make a good president because she’s a feisty conservative, but that Dianne Feinstein should be run out of town, because she’s a feisty liberal.

13) You think George Soros, a Hungarian born American citizen, is an enemy of freedom because he uses his vast wealth to meddle in foreign affairs. But you think it’s great that Australian-born Rupert Murdoch uses his vast wealth to meddle in American affairs.

14) The main reason you despise George Soros, is because he helped bring down three foreign governments; the Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, and Soviet Georgia. Three communist regimes. Ronald Reagan on the other hand, took down one communist regime: Grenada… Reagan: 1, Soros: 3. Ergo, Soros is an un-American commie. Besides, Sean Hannity said so.

15) You think being a Teabagger makes you more patriotic than liberals, because you own more guns than them wussies.

16) You screamed bloody murder when president Obama rescued GM and Chrysler, because they were “going to fail anyway.” But now that they’re both on the road to recovery, you think George W. Bush deserves most of the credit.

17) When Barack Obama was sworn in, the Dow Jones was at 6500. Today, it’s at 12,400, almost double where it was. And at that time, the economy was shedding 700,000 jobs per month, a trend that has been arrested and reversed ever since. From that, you deduce Obama’s the one who wrecked the economy.

18) You still believe Saddam had WMDs.

19) You are dead-set against “judicial activist” judges, but you were okay with it when the five conservative justices of the Supreme Court voted in favor of Citizens United, effectively guaranteeing our politicians will be bought by the highest bidder, rather than elected by the people.

20) You’re strongly opposed to gay rights, because you claim it’s not biblical. Except in the case of Ken Mehlman, Mary Cheney, and Ted Haggard, because they still vote “right” on the issues.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@LindaLee Law  ... vile repugnant bigot much?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 21) You want all illegal immigrants rounded up and deported, ASAP, no exceptions, period, period, PERIOD. But you don’t want any criminal charges filed against the corporations that have been hiring them en masse in violation of law.

22) One of your stated concerns with Barack Obama’s candidacy, was that he was too inexperienced for the job, yet you want Sarah Palin to challenge him next year.

23) You hate tax cheats, and people who abuse their status for personal advancement — but you admire Clarence Thomas, and have no problem with his wife “speaking on behalf of her husband” at the Heritage Foundation, a far right-wing organization.

24) You went ballistic when an illegal immigrant murdered an American in Texas two years ago, and you demanded justice. But when three members connected to the Tea Party murdered 9 year old Brisenia Flores, you and your right-wing media barely even mentioned it, nor the conviction.

25) You equate being a “community organizer” to being a Marxist, yet you claim to worship a God whose entire life was being a community organizer.

26) You claim Barack Obama is soft of terrorism and that he’s sympathetic to Muslim extremists. Yet during his first two years in office, his administration captured or killed more terrorists than George Bush did in all eight years of his presidency.

27) You cheered as Andrew Breitbart and his faux journalists brought down ACORN. But when Breitbart got caught doctoring footage of Shirley Sherrod, which brought into question his veracity, you accused her of waging a “race war.”

28) You support Israel’s policies regarding the West Bank and Gaza, because Israel is a democracy, like us. But when Arabs democratically voted in anti-American and anti-Israeli governments, it bewildered you.

29) Your spiritual hero, the Grande Dame of the conservative movement, is Ayn Rand; the dedicated anti-socialist. And yet, she herself in her later years, had no problem secretly cashing in on social security and Medicare.

30) You still think fascism and socialism are basically the same thing, because Glenn Beck has convinced you of that with his magic blackboard. And because of this twisting of history, you don’t think anybody can accuse you of being ideologically aligned with the Nazis… even though you are.


@DonkeyHotay  I could easily go through point by point and correct your laughably inept perception, but we all know this wasnt yours. You had to copy and paste a meme that was incorrect, and you are too lazy, or too stupid to realize it.

I think this should be titled, "How to tell when your public school kid wants to pretend to be political on websites".

Congratulations, it is not easy to be both pretentious and remedial at the same time, but you managed to do it. Remarkable.


@DonkeyHotay Yes, because you copied and pasted something full of flat out lies, it is not your fault. It must be me. I must be a republican.

Between you and me, I am not a republican. I am just not a retard who would believe your incorrect version of events.

Look, I get it. You wanted to sound smart and edgy. So you went and copied what someone else wrote, and did zero fact checking before doing so. All you really did was prove that you have zero idea about what you are talking about.

You are the exact type of person that should not only never vote, but should never share your opinions on any subject.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Fivehole84 "I could easily go through point by point and correct your laughably inept perception"

Typical Repuglycan Liar.

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