Michaelee Owen lawsuit prompts big changes in Pueblo's treatment of deaf prisoners

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During the seven months Michaelee Owen (seen here) spent in Pueblo County Jail back in 2012, he was never provided with either a sign-language interpreter or a device that would have allowed him to communicate with anyone -- even his own mother. That won't be the case for future inmates, though. A settlement in a lawsuit filed by Owen calls for Pueblo authorities to change the way deaf prisoners are treated. And it's not the first time Owen has been part of a suit defending the rights of deaf individuals who run afoul of the law.

Representing Owen in the case was Kevin Williams of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, whose work we've previously featured in this space. Last August, for example, a suit filed by Williams forced all Hollister stores nationwide to redesign their entrances to make them handicap-accessible. And in 2012, he was the attorney of record in a lawsuit against the Adams County Sheriff's Office resulting in a $100,000 payment.

That case also revolved around the challenges faced by the deaf, and Owen was among the plaintiffs. But the meat of the matter focused on another deaf man, Timothy Siaki.

As we reported, the earlier lawsuit, also shared here, notes that Siaki and Kimberlee Moore, his girlfriend and fellow plaintiff, who's also deaf, were at a Super 8 Motel on Broadway in May 2010 when they got into an argument.

Timothy Siaki and kimberlee moore.jpg
Timothy Siaki and Kimberlee Moore in a photo from her Facebook page.
Both deny that Siaki hurt Moore, yet deputies were dispatched to the scene, with one breaking open the door to their room -- no doubt because Siaki and Moore couldn't hear them demanding entry. A deputy then ordered Siaki to the floor, but because of his condition and his inability to read lips, he didn't understand. He tried pointing to his ears and shaking his head to indicate he was deaf, but the deputy grabbed his arm and forced him to the floor "because he believed Mr. Siaki was not complying with his orders," the lawsuit contends. Siaki was also handcuffed, making it impossible for him to use sign language -- and since he's said to be incapable of reading or writing effectively, a subsequent order that he write a statement was also a flop.

Moore has difficulty writing in English, too, making an edict that she pen a statement a problem, as well. She tried to communicate that Siaki hadn't hit her, but the deputy interpreted the opposite, then thought she'd changed her story, the lawsuit maintains.

At the station, no accommodations were made to insure that Siaki understood the reading of his Miranda rights (he didn't) or any other part of the processing. And the situation remained the same for the next 25 days, after which he was finally released from custody -- because all the charges against him had been dropped.

These actions eventually resulted in Adams County paying $100,000 to the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition Legal Program, plus another $75,000 to cover attorneys fees, costs and damages to the plaintiffs.

Additionally, Judge John Kane ordered systemic changes directing that Adams County provide access to sign language interpreters for deaf arrestees, as well as create an orientation video and install deaf-friendly video phones.

Unfortunately, such accommodations weren't available in Pueblo when Owen was taken into custody.

Continue for more about the Michaelee Owen lawsuit and settlement, including two original documents.

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There are lot of authorities abusing people who are different and even shooting at animals!  They were born with EVIL brain!!!  

Amber Rae Schultes
Amber Rae Schultes

Man o man... Five months of being deprived of real emotional contact by simple conversations.... I'd go crazy. Seriously go nutso... What's psychology have to say about emotional deprivation like that??

Sydney Vitae
Sydney Vitae

As a certified ASL interpreter, I'm quite certain this was illegal before his lawsuit. I'm appalled that things ever got this far.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Further proof that Cops are ignorant violent lowlife scumbags.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


This reminds me of an episode of Cops.

A car chase ended with the suspect's car sandwiched between at least two police cars.  The suspect was then surrounded by at least half dozen cops with weapons drawn and they were screaming "Get out of the car".  Apparently, he could not move fast enough, as he was saying I can't get out, so the cops broke the windshield, grabbed his arms and started pulling and yanking on him, not realizing that his seatbelt was still buckled.

RobertChase topcommenter

@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  It is incredible that Cops shows abusive behavior that should dispatch the perpetrators from law enforcement to jail; I take it as one of demonstrations that America has become a fascist society.

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