Photos: $50K reward for Trash-Talking Bandits after biggest recent Colorado bank robbery

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Big photos, video below.
They may have been dressed like paranoid beekeepers, but their foul-mouthed ways earned them a much tougher-sounding nickname: the Trash-Talking Bandits. And they're wanted for what the FBI believes is among the biggest bank robberies in Colorado history, as well as one with a bizarre aftermath. How so? Apparently, one of the bandits gave some, but not all, of the purloined cash to his attorney, who returned it to the authorities. But because the lawyer won't name his client, law enforcers are naming him. Photos, video and the weird details below.

At 4:08 p.m. on January 21, according to the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, two bandits hit the Wells Fargo branch at 7401 Federal Boulevard in Westminster. The bank is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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The feds highlight the violence of the heist. The men, who are said to be of "unknown race" owing to their elaborate swaddling, employed a "take-over style," using handguns "to intimidate and terrify victim employees and bank customers," including "placing the barrel of a gun to the head of bank employees." Afterward, customers and workers alike are said to have been traumatized by the experience, with one bank staffer not yet able to return to work more than a month later.

For the next couple of weeks, investigators were stymied. But then, on February 4, the FBI Denver Field Office connected with attorney Michael Pellow, who presented agents with what's described as "a substantial amount of cash" -- a claim substantiated by a photo provided by the FBI:
The bills were delivered in the green "Sportsman's Dry Box" seen here....
...with the box itself inside a blue-and-yellow duffel bag emblazoned with the words "HEALTH DYNAMICS PERSONAL FITNESS PROFILE AT COLUMBIA HOSPITAL:"
Who gave Pellow the money? And what's the attorney's story?

Continue for more about the search for the Trash-Talking Bandits, including additional photos and a video.

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Thats totally a female. No men kneel in that fashion. It kills their arches. Her shoulders too. NOT male form.


While I, personally, would never rob a bank, and feel sympathy for those traumatized by this incident, I can't lie; I find this robbery to be very impressive, due to the amount stolen and the fact that we still have no idea what the perpetrators look like. Hell, they can't say for sure if one was a MAN or WOMAN! Truly amazing... On another note, I still can't figure out why they would've given back the money. 


 The suspects are males. A father and his son. Both are white. They are wearing body armor beneath their disguises. The returned of part of the cache of new 100s was a ploy. They could not be passed because of their uniqueness. The attorney was retained by one of the suspects. There will be other similar robberies in Colorado and New Mexico.

Pressure the lawyer, he is prepared to give more info. but feels that he must at least "try" to resist.  He wants to "deal".

-- I am psychic and all of the above simply came to me after seeing the photo above.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Ask the NSA for the phone, email and texting records for this lawyer. 

That'll locate the "terrorists".



If you look at the way the person is kneeling on the floor in the main shot holding the bag - they are not in a 'run' position. Maybe the person handing the cash is under pressure with a gun (there is no context in the photo so hard to tell). 

I think it is an employee/employees friend/spouse and is looking at being perceived female or a female trying to look large (looking at the gait of the person as they are leaving).

US finally has currency that is hard to fraudulently create - so let the games begin.... 

Psychic or on the payroll?

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