Photos: Inside Denver Defense Megacenter turned urban-exploration site

Big photos below.
Last July, we shared photos of demolished Colorado urban exploration sites as originally seen on, a fascinating address devoted to documenting urban exploration nationwide. Among the most recent local items is a huge gallery of images from the Denver Defense Megacenter. The "recommendations" section aimed at urban explorers notes, "It's gone" -- but it's not forgotten: This sampling of images suggests a set for The Walking Dead, but real. Check out the haunting photos below, supplemented with excerpts from the Denver Defense Megacenter page.


500,000+ ft*2 of mostly open office and data processing space.

Basic Information:

Type: Building
Status: Closed
Accessibility: Difficult
Recommendation: It's gone



Continue to see more photos inside the Denver Defense Megacenter turned urban-exploration site.

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Stan Salazar
Stan Salazar

Agreed Chris. This looks like a freshly emptied office space. It doesn't capture the dilapidation, disarray or abandonment of it's caliber. It has potential. Is this place still up?

Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz

Cool story. Terrible pictures. Wish this photographer knew what they were doing. I bet this venue looks better then this. Did you use your iPhone Bro?!.........

James Taylor
James Taylor

To be able to do some sort of grunge photoshoot

Marcus Netters
Marcus Netters

Yo Russia is invading Ukraine ..shit getting real

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