Update: Serial escapist Angel Castrejon recaptured after Otero County jailbreak

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Photos, video below.
Update: Yesterday morning, we noted that three of the four inmates who'd escaped from Otero County Jail earlier in the week, but not Angel Castrejon, who'd gotten away from the same facility last year and remained at large for months.

He wasn't as fortunate the second time around. Castrojon has reportedly been recaptured, too. He was found in a La Junta home not far from the hoosgow to which he was returned. Continue for our previous coverage, including photos and video.

Update, 5:58 a.m. March 6: Yesterday, we told you about the escape of four inmates from Otero County Jail, with one of the men, Angel Castrejon, having gotten away from the same facility last year; see our previous coverage below.

Authorities have now recaptured three of the escapees. But Castrejon, who managed to avoid recapture for months last time around, remains at large.

Details, photos and video below.

The Otero County Jail, in a 9News image.
Last June, as we've reported, Castrejon, in stir for possession of a controlled substance, criminal impersonation and violation of bond conditions, was taken from his cell after complaining about a medical issue.

Once out, he ditched the guards and got away through the facility's garage.

Cut to Tuesday, when 23-year-old Castrejon and three compatriots -- Curtis Apodaca, Johnny Nunez and Malcom Hoffert -- are said to have overpowered not one, but two guards, then left the facility's grounds.

Authorities know the men went through the rail yards in La Junta, the community where the jail is located, because some of their prison clothing was found there. But from there, their whereabouts were unknown.

A National Guard helicopter sweeps the area in another 9News image.
That changed within hours for three-quarters of the troupe. Apodaca was reportedly taken into custody yesterday morning, with Nunez and Hoffert following suit during the afternoon.

But not Castrejon, who enjoyed a goodly share of freedom after the last time he bolted from the jail. He wasn't recaptured after his June 2013 escape until early October.

The location he was found: El Paso, Texas.

Look below to see the latest booking photo of Castrejon and a 9News report. After that, continue for our previous coverage, including mug shots of all the escapees.

The latest mug shot of Angel Castrejon.

Continue for our previous coverage about the escape from Otero County Jail, including photos.

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Angela Marie
Angela Marie

Stupid for drug charges?? He shouldn't even be in jail, this shits ridiculous!

Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

Last I heard 3 of the 4 have been caught.

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