Photos: Broncos cheerleader auditions 2014

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This past weekend, Mile High Stadium was filled with cheerleaders auditioning for one of the coveted spots on the Broncos' cheerleading squad. All the applicants had to be at least 21 years of age. There were three rounds of tryouts, with preliminary and semi-final auditions taking place on Sunday. The hopefuls brought smiles and moves in the hope that they'll be cheering on Peyton and the boys next fall. Photographer Kyle Hunninghake was there to capture all the action. Check out a sampling of his shots below, and click to access the complete Broncos cheerleader tryouts 2014 slide show.




Continue to see more photos of the Broncos cheerleader auditions.

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Hiram Williams
Hiram Williams

Does she choke in big games? If not the donkeys might actually pull it off!!

Matt Pyles
Matt Pyles

Wow! Peyton does have superpowers. He turned into a hot blonde!!

Mark Moffett
Mark Moffett

It all depends if she uses up all of her best moves in the regular season.

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