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In its coverage of Sandy Nguen, who allegedly scammed $25,000 from friends and neighbors by pretending her son had cancer, 7News describes the alleged crime as "unbelievable."

In truth, however, it's all too easy to believe someone would perpetrate such a hoax -- since it's happened several times in Colorado over recent years. Look below to see our coverage of three previous cancer hoaxes, followed by the details of allegations against Nguyen.

"Tausha Marsh, cancer faker: MySpace donation page still online even as she heads to jail"

Originally published September 1, 2010

tausha marsh photo cropped.jpg
Tausha Marsh.
In April 2009, we told you about Gunnison's Tausha Marsh, accused of faking cancer to collect thousands in donations.

When she pleaded guilty to this crime in February, Marsh's MySpace and Facebook pages begging for bucks were still online. And even as she prepares to serve 36 days in jail, the MySpace page still lingers, complete with a pitch that looks more pathetic with each passing day.

The "About Me" portion of the MySpace page reads:

Thanks for Supporting Tausha!

Tausha Marsh, 28, has been fighting bone cancer for four years and has been recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. Doctors in the U.S. have not given her a positive outlook, however she has been accepted as a patient by a cancer specialist in Amsterdam. This doctor specializes in alternative cancer treatments. She will be moving to the clinic early July 2008 and anticipates staying for 1 year for treatments. Cancer treatments are very expensive, and her doctor here in the U.S. estimates she will need $300,000 to cover treatments in Europe and to pay off her past medical bills. She needs all the support that she can get: thoughts, prayers and monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Tausha is a loving, energetic woman who is full of life. She graduated from Western State College of Colorado in 2004. Throughout her four years there, she was a scholarship player on the intercollegiate volleyball team, a walk-on for the basketball team for a year, and was very involved in the art department where she studied photography, painting, and graphic design. After graduation, she moved to Ft. Collins where she owns a photography business. In addition to her company, Tausha is frequently called to share her understanding and love for Special Education students and challenged groups within the area high schools. As an advid volleyball player, Tausha shares her talents through coaching at Loveland High School and in the Colorado State University Club Volleyball program. We will be hosting fundraising events on the Front Range of Colorado and in Gunnison, CO - stay tuned for dates and times. Thank you for your support. Let's help Tausha beat this and become healthy again!


Removing evidence of Marsh's admitted fraud from the public view would probably aid the healing process, too.

Continue for more information, photos and videos about cancer fakers, including the arrest of Sandy Nguyen.

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notice how they're all women. It's not that women have evolved to have more questionable moral character (although, yeah, it also is that.) It's that men have evolved to view women as prized adornments, and view other men as competition. A man pulling this same stunt wouldn't earn a single red cent. And he knows it. 


This makes it harder on us who HAVE gone thru cancer to be believed.
Do they assume that we do it for fun?
That being sick from the treatments is a good thing?
If on chemo, being poisonous due to the chemicals the medical staff use on cancer patients is supposedly great to experience?
They most likely assume that we who have either gone thru treatment and or are going thru it, get tons of cash. They are wrong.

I hope that they not only have to serve jail time. But have to clean up after any and all cancer patients treatments. As well as taking care of a actual patient. 


This and people who fake military service, or war vets, or being in the SEALS, or some special forces are plum ass sick.  I'd love to bury my size 11 in their ass as hard and deep as I can.


Why do all Vietnamese people have the same last name? Can they not find another name besides Nguyen? Seems like this makes it harder to keep track....

Anthony Langston
Anthony Langston

Coming from a family that lost someone with cancer, I hope they burn in hell.

Stan Salazar
Stan Salazar

Nothing will top "the lady that wasn't there" about the woman that claimed for years that she was a survivor of 9/11.


Only the mother lied, she convinced everyone in her family that the kid has cancer. This makes her even more despicable, lying to your loved ones and making your child think he has cancer? Can't get any lower than that. This woman is one of the reasons why us Vietnamese people have a bad reputation. Unbelievable.

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