Reader: I'd be dead of old age before craft-weed is sold commercially

To mark Colorado Craft Beer week, Governor John Hickenlooper hosted a celebration of the $826 million craft-beer industry at the Governor's Mansion last Friday, where he also displayed the building's new beer taps -- paid for by the Colorado Brewers Guild -- while Mason Tvert, father of Amendment 64, protested the governor's hypocritical stance on pot outside the manse that he accused Hickenlooper of turning into Animal House.

But will Colorado's cannabis industry get the chance to mirror Colorado's craft-beer industry?

Says Monkey:

I'll be dead of old age before craft-weed is sold commercially. Budweiser and Coors-style weed is the future of Colorado, thanks to Mason Tvert, our legislators and the corporations that lobby them. Craft-weed will be available from home growers, but only connoisseurs will appreciate that. The rest of you will argue over crappy weed store #1 or crappy weed store #2, without realizing it comes from the same disgusting warehouse.

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Charles Vail Pankey
Charles Vail Pankey

This is why you don't compare cannabis to poison. Craft weed is something like Charlotte's Web, something that helps cure. This reader is an uninformed clown.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Everyone reading this will be dead of old age before marijuana is truly legalized -- i.e. all criminal penalties are repealed.


And you are ignorant, the best weed grown is this state is NEVER sold in a dispensary. Craft weed includes all kinds of strains and sub-strains grown for any number of different characteristics not just their medical uses such as Charlotte's Web .

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