Photos: Ten weirdest recent items wanted on Denver Craigslist

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Photos and more below.
Denver Craigslist is an online repository for just about everything -- including people who like to share haiku. And there's plenty of strangeness on display even when it comes to typical transactions like buying and selling. Case in point: The "Wanted" category, where folks post about stuff they're seeking. A recent visit turned up people looking for everything from a cardboard Kid Rock to vintage girdles, and everything in between. Check out our photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring links to original posts. Be sure to click if you can make anyone's dream come true.

Number 10: Kid Rock Life-Size Cut-Out Wanted

Kid Rock Life-Size Cut-Out.

These were in liquor stores as a display.

Number 9: Spent grains
Looking for spent grains for home made dog biscuits. Will pay or trade biscuits for your grains.
Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest recent items wanted on Denver Craigslist.

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