Photos: Top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition

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Big photos below.
Last year, we introduced you to the CU-Boulder Missed Connections Facebook page, where Buffs of every description try to make failed hook-ups happen after the fact. Well, the page is still going strong, and a recent visit revealed a slew of love stories that never were, should have been or aren't to be.

We've collected and photo-illustrated our ten favorite recent posts. Count down the usually (but not always) romantic results below.

Number 10: Well-engineered
To the beautiful girl who is a mechanical engineering student and I think might also be a theta.... It makes my day every time I see you in the engineering center. Keep on doing you, because I'm sure I'm not the only guy who's day you brighten when they see you!
Number 9: Horny
To the adorable tuba player from the band, I've had a crush on you since basketball season started. Tall, white, usually by the front when you do the supa dupa tuba cheer. You're just flat out adorable.
Continue to keep counting down our top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition.

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