Felipe Rubio lawsuit claims cops broke his leg when he was cuffed, filed false report

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Last week, we told you about the dispute over the story of Patricia Lucero, who was bloodied by Denver cops during an incident captured on video. Now comes word of another alleged case of excessive force, this one taking place far outside the metro area, in the small southwestern Colorado community of Ignacio. But the accusations contained in a just-filed lawsuit are big: They involve Felipe Rubio's claims that police broke his leg while he was cuffed, then filed a false report about what happened. Details and the suit below.

The incident took place at the Ignacio police station, part of the town hall complex located at 540 Goddard Street. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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On or about March 16 or 17 of last year, according to the suit (filed by the Denver firm of Holland, Holland Edwards & Grossman), Rubio was arrested and handcuffed.

We're told another person was the target of the original bust, but when Rubio took issue with the behavior of the two Ignacio officers on the call, he was taken into custody as well.

Rubio is said to have been so concerned about his safety at the hands of the two cops in question that he asked that their interactions be recorded. This entreaty was denied, the suit maintains, as was his request to see a sergeant. In response to the latter, one of the officers is quoted as saying, "I'm sick of hearing this fucking shit!"

The suit says Rubio wasn't struggling or resisting. Nonetheless, one of the cops allegedly "pushed down hard on his shoulders from behind," then "viciously kicked Plaintiff's leg, causing his leg bone to snap and for him to fall down."

The tibial fracture is captured in this x-ray; the image is included in the lawsuit.

An instant later, Rubio knew something was terribly wrong, and he asked the cop to call for an ambulance. Instead of immediately doing so, one cop is said to have told Rubio that "helping him would cost the City a lot of money." And while the officer ultimately contacted emergency personnel, the suit estimates that twenty-to-thirty minutes passed before he did so.

In a subsequent police report, the two cops stated that Rubio had broken his leg by attempting to kick one of the officers and instead connecting with a nearby sink cabinet. But there was one problem with the tale: The EMT who treated Rubio says the cops told him something completely different.

The EMT's contemporary account says that the patient "was resisting and taken down with a kick to the back of the knees inside the police station." It adds that Rubio said "he fell to his anterior side while handcuffed behind his back."

Continue for more about the Felipe Rubio excessive force lawsuit, including another image and the complete document.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Sounds typical. They pull crap like telling you not to resist (for the dash camera's mic) while twisting your arms into pretzels behind your back. Did it to me, and my shoulder has never been the same.

Stan Salazar
Stan Salazar

1. Hope he gets paid. 2. Cops are prosecuted to full extent. 3. Don't take issue with the behavior of the law looking for someone else that isn't around if you aren't involved and have nothing to hide.

Darryl Coffelt
Darryl Coffelt

I was kidnapped by an Adams county prison deputy that is related to the woman that assaulted me. She came to arapahoe house and acted like she was a patrol deputy and had another cop file false charges against me but no body will I.D. her. So how can they still charge me? But nobody will listen. Not even my public pretended.


Is anyone really surprised by these stories anymore? They are killing and beating us for no other reason than they CAN...And they know this....It's gonna suck to be a cop when the SHTF and they are looking around for a friend....Because they won't have any....This will be a much deserved wake up call for these scumbags....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Cops are Violent Scumbags who deserve to burn in hellfire for eternity.

Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson

sounds similar to what the Philly cops did to me

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