Photos: Have you seen this knife-wielding couple that really wanted some new perfume?

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Big photos below.
We haven't personally gotten a whiff of a couple being sought by Lakewood police. But either they are obsessed with smelling nice or they stink so badly that they need some powerful stuff to cover up the aroma.

Twice in recent weeks, the pair tried ripping off fragrances from area stores -- and when they were caught in the act, the dude pulled a knife.

Look below for details and multiple photos of the twosome making their escape.

According to the Lakewood Police Department, the first incident took place around 6 p.m. on February 24 at the Nordstrom Rack outlet in the Belmar shopping district.

The male suspect.
The couple are said to have browsed for a while, then pocketed some fragrance bottles and split. But they were spotted by an employee, who confronted them and asked them to return -- until the guy dropped the bottles and brandished a knife. He and his companions then ran off and couldn't be located afterward.

This failed effort apparently had no effect on their need to smell sweet, as witnessed by incident number two.

On March 6, cops say the same couple entered a Rite Aid branch near the intersection of Wadsworth and Jewell, grabbed two fragrance bottles and left the store -- at which point a security guard confronted them. The male suspect reacted by (you guessed it) dropping the bottles and pulling a knife, after which he and his companion split.

This time, though, they made their getaway on an RTD bus, and while an effort to stop the vehicle down the line didn't end in their arrest (they'd already disembarked), the surveillance cameras on board did capture several images of them, including this one....

...and this one:

The male is described as being around five-five and 130-140 pounds, with brown hair and a goatee, while the woman is approximately the same height, with brown hair possibly marked with red highlights. They wore the same outfits at both crimes, with him opting for a black hoodie and her wearing a sweatshirt. Both carried backpacks.

If you recognize either person, you're encouraged to phone Lakewood Police Detective Case Byl at 303-987-7111.

In the meantime, here are more RTD surveillance photos.

Continue to see additional photos of the fragrance-loving suspects.

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Sumibraxis Dei
Sumibraxis Dei

nothing Silat cant take out. :) either way, they look like white trash, so.... there you have it.

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