Garret Osilka update: Cody Powell busted in shooting of Loveland police officer

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Big photos, video below.
Update: An arrest has been made in the weekend shooting of Loveland Police Officer Garret Osilka; see our previous coverage below.

Cody Powell, 23, who'd been identified as a person of interest in the case, phoned the authorities from a Loveland Walmart and offered to turn himself in. He's now been booked on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder.

The investigation is ongoing, but here are the latest developments.

As we've reported, Osilka was shot on Sunday evening, March 2, during a traffic stop near the intersection of 17th Street and North Wilson Avenue after making a traffic stop involving a blue or black Jeep Cherokee with temporary plates occupied by two people.

A crime scene image courtesy of 7News.
Osilka is said to have been struck in the chest, and while he remains hospitalized, he's expected to survive.

Early the next morning, police recovered what they believe to be the vehicle involved in the incident, and that afternoon, SWAT teams raided an apartment associated with the crime, but found no one home.

Obviously, authorities had a target in mind -- and yesterday afternoon, the Larimer County Crime Stoppers Facebook page posted that the suspect, later identified as Powell, had turned himself in from a Loveland Walmart.

At 4:41 p.m., the page notes that Powell was brought to the Loveland Police Department and subsequently booked on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer and first-degree assault. He's expected to be arraigned today, with formal charges likely coming later in the week.

Powell sports a record that includes burglary, theft and driving under the influence -- but nothing on the scale of the current accusation. However, he appears to be a firearms aficionado, reportedly writing in a Facebook post last year, "Guns are like potato chips.... It's hard to have just one."

Another image from the crime scene.
Given that two people are said to have been in the vehicle that Osilka stopped, the investigation is far from over. But Weld County Sheriff Justin Smith is celebrating the latest development. On Facebook, he writes, "I was able to watch the net tighten today on the 'person of interest' in the shooting of the Loveland Police Officer," adding that, "like you, I am relieved to know he is off the street, but I know that much more work lies ahead as detectives work to piece together that facts of what occurred on Sunday night."

In the meantime, the Loveland Lodge 52 Fraternal Order of Police has set up a fund to benefit the Osilka family. Donations can be made to any of 22 Northstar Bank of Colorado locations or sent to Loveland Lodge 52 FOP Benevolent Fund, P.O. Box 229, Loveland, CO, 80539.

Here's a larger look at Powell's mug shots, followed by a 7News report and our previous coverage.

Cody Powell.

Continue to see our previous coverage of the Garret Osilka shooting, including photos and videos.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The People of Walmart ...

Johnson Lori
Johnson Lori

The fact that I am concerned with is that...I am glad this morally vacant man was arrested and off the street.

Travis Riggert
Travis Riggert

Facts in your story aren't true or correct. Gotta edit before you post.


It sounds like this guy is gonna be just fine. He'll be kicking down doors and terrorizing children in no time.


If he only had a gun he could have defended himself.


@FreeTheWeed Your argument makes absolutely no sense. If guns were only 'offensive' weapons, then the FIRST people that should be dis-armed are the police since the side of the car says 'To Serve And Protect'.......If guns offer no protection, then they don't need them. Guns are equalizers. Our founders understood this with brilliant clarity. Easy now, Mary. You're not the first slave to fall in love with his master. Read a history book.

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